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Yugoslavia's Rogozarski IK-3 fighter


Rogozarski IK-3 fighter (Polish?):

Rogozarski IK-3 fighter:


Ljubomir Ilic and Kosta Sivcev started to design the IK-3 in 1933. In 1936 the drawings were turned over to the military for evaulation.


The fuselage of the IK-3 had a steel tube airframe with canvas and metal covering.


The wing was mainly constructed of wood with some steel tube reinforcements.


Avia built the Hispano-Suiza engine on license. The IK-3's engine drove a metal three bladed variable pitch propeller.


In March 1937 a contract was signed to order a prototype.

In May 1938 the prototype made its first flight. The prototype was found to be very maneuverable.

The prototype crashed on January 19, 1939 killing Milan Pokoni the test pilot.


An order for twelve aircraft was placed in October 1938. These were delivered by July 1940. An order for 25 was placed but was never fulfilled due to the German invasion.

  • Rogozarski IK-3: 12
  • Manufacturer: Rogozarski A.D.


  • Prototype: Had a Hispano-Suiza 12 Y29 engine (910 HP) with a supercharger.
  • Rogozarski IK-3:


German Invasion

There were six IK-3s ready to fight against the German invasion which occurred on April 6, 1941.


  Rogozarski IK-3
Type Fighter
Crew 1
Engine (Type) Hispano-Suiza (Avia) 12 Ycrs
Cylinders V 12
Cooling Liquid
Net HP 910, 920
Propeller blades 3
Span 33' 9", 33' 10
10.3 m
Length 26' 4", 27' 5"
8 m
Height 10' 8"
3.25 m
Loaded 5,291 lb, 5,796 lb
2,630 kg
Speed @ 17,700' /
5,400 m
326 mph
526 kph
Speed @ 17,715' 327 mph
Service Ceiling 26,260', 31,000'
9,400 m
Range 310 miles, 490 miles
785 km
Propeller shaft 1: 20 mm
Nose 2: MG


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