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Soviet Union's Lavochkin La-7 fighter


  • Lavochkin La-7 fighter


The Lavochkin La-7 was an improved La-5.


The wing was made of metal. The leading edges of the wings were aerodynamically improved.


The La-7 had a Shvetsov radial engine installed (1,775 HP). The cowling over the engine was smooth. The La-7 had the oil radiator moved to the bottom of the fuselage.

A few La-7s had a rocket installed in the rear to allow for short bursts of speed. The increased speed was about 10-15%.


The La-7 prototype first flew in November 1943.


  • Lavochkin La-7: 5,753
  • Total: 21,875 (includes La-5)
    • Manufacturer: State Industries


  • Lavochkin La-7:
  • Lavochkin La-7UTI: Trainer.
  • Lavochkin La-9: Designed in 1944. Became operational late in World War II. Wing redesigned.


Started appearing in spring 1944.

Jet Killer

In February 1945, the only Soviet fighter that shot down a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet was a La-7. This was done by Ivan Kozedub.


  Lavochkin La-7
Type Fighter
Crew 1
Engine (Type) Shvetsov
Shvetsov M-82FN
M-82FNU or M-82FNV
Cylinders Radial, Radial 14
Cooling Air
HP 1,775, 1,850, 2,000
Propeller blades 3
Span 32' 2"
9.8 m
Length 27' 11", 28' 2.5"
8.6 m
Height 9' 2", 9' 3"
2.82 m
Empty 5,842 lb
2,650 kg
Loaded 7,496 lb
3,400 kg
Speed 423 mph
680 kph
Speed at 19,030' / 5,800 m 423 mph
680 kph
Speed at 21,000' 423 mph
Climb 3,940'/minute
1,200 m/minute
Service Ceiling 34,450'
10,500 m
Range 395 miles
635 km
Armament 3: 20 mm ShVak
Bombs 330 lb
Above engine 2 or 3: 20 mm
3: 20 mm
OR 3: 23 mm
Under wings Rockets or light bombs
  Lavochkin La-9
Type Fighter
Engine (Type)  
HP 1,870
Speed at Sea Level 430 mph
Climb to 16,250' 4' 2"
Range 1,100 miles


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