On September 18, 2001, my daughter, Meaghan, wrote:

I feel sad because so many people died. It hurts me to see so much smoke from the buildings, rise to the sky. I feel sorry for the people who lost family and friends. I'm scared because this could start a war and I don't want that to happen. I hope they can find out who did this and why. I know that all we can do is wait and look to the sky. The picture of the once beautiful building of the world trade center which is all dust, ash, and rubble will stay plastered with hate. It saddens me to see the firefighters put up the flag to honor so many innocent people who died because someone is mad, at the U.S. government, and I don't know why. I hope this ends soon, it brings tears to my eyes, but I know God is there to help and protect us, but why, did he do this, and let so many people die. That is my question, WHY?

I know every thing has a purpose to, but I dont understand this poupose. What is this purpose in life I ask? Can someone please tell me the answer to that? Why did this happen? Can we turn back? Can someone answer that?

America will live on I say,For we are strong. They try to separate us, but they bring us closer together because we are strong. America will go on.

To this I say I still don't understand why they do this. See if you can answer that. Why?

America will go on!

Here are also 2 of the pictures she drew:

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