Meaghan Siemers
April 25 2002

My day at dad's work

Today I went to my dad's work at PDC short for Portland Development Commission. First we got up at 5:27 am to get ready for work. Than we got on the bus at 6:25 to go down town. His building is on 1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 7000 Portland OR 97201. When we got there we went up to his cubical, and he showed me around his office. At 8:00 am we went to a welcome ceremony for the kids. There are 18 kids in all. We got name tags and packets from thier work. Then we got our pictures taken, and boarded a Tri-Met bus that took us to a project they're working on, the Rosemont Commons.

The Rosemont Commons is a place for the elderly. Before they started working on it the building was a convent. We got to tour the building. They have improved it a lot. The rooms are nice and spacious. We went into one room made for a wheel chair. The shower was on flat ground so the wheel chair could get in there.

The Habitat for Humanity group was building houses for people who couldn't buy houses on there own. We toured those houses and watched them work on them. We got hard hats as souvenirs.

After that we got back on the bus to go back to work and get lunch. We went to blimpes and after that we rested on the grass.

I'm making my own web site on the muses and Aphrodite. My dads helping me a lot We're going to post this paper on the web site This has been the funniest day I've had.