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Japan's Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank


Was designed as a replacement for the Type 1 Chi-He. The Type 3 Chi-Nu used the same chassis as the Type 1 Chi-He.

Main Armament

Initially a 75 mm Type 95 field artillery gun was used, but due to the short life of its barrel the Type 90, with a lower muzzle velocity was developed.

The turret was modified to accept a 75 mm Type 3 tank gun.

The gun was based on the French Schneider 75 mm field gun.


  • Type 3 Chi-Nu: 60, 144
    • Production: 1943, September 1944 -
    • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


None left the Japanese home islands.


  Type 3 Chi-Nu
Crew Commander, gunner, loader, driver, gunner-hull
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 42,000 lb,
18,500 kg, 19,100 kg,
18.2 tons, 18.5 tons, 18.7 tons, 19 tons
Length 18' 6", 18' 9", 18.5'
5.64 m
Height 8.6', 8' 7"
2.68 m
Width 7.66', 7' 8"
2.41 m
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure  
Turret ring diameter  
Main 75 mm Type 3 tank gun
75 mm Type 90 (Type 3)
75 mm
MG 7.7 mm MG
MG - hull 7.7 mm MG
Side arms  
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 8 - 50
Hull Front, Upper 50
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom 8
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) Type 100, air cooled
Cylinders V-12
Net HP 240
Fuel type Diesel
Traverse 360°
Speed - Road 24 mph
39 kph
Speed - Cross Country  
Range - Road 130 miles
Turning Radius  
Elevation Limits  
Fording depth  
Trench crossing  
Vertical Obstacle  
Suspension (Type)  
Wheels each side  
Return rollers each side  
Track length  
Track width  
Track centers/tread  


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