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Japan's Kokusai Ki-76 liaison, Army Type 3 Command Liaison Plane
Allied Code Name: Stella


  • Kokusai Ki-76 liaison
  • Kokusai Ki-76 liaison



The Ki-76 was designed by Kozo Masuhara, who patterned the aircraft after the German Fi 156 Storch after the Japanese Army saw its success in Europe.

The design team decided to use Fowler flaps which were synchronized with the tail surfaces which gave the Ki-76 a higher lift.

In June 1941, a Storch and a Ki-76 were compared and the Ki-76 excelled in all areas except for landing distance.


In May 1941 the Ki-76 had its maiden flight. It was found to be unstable, but easy to fly for inexperienced pilots.

Flight tests were completed in November 1942.


  • Total: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: Nippon Kokusai Koku Kogyo K.K. at Hiratsuka
    • Production: 1941 - 1944, Fall 1942 - 1944,


Seven Ki-76s served aboard the Japanese Army's escort aircraft carrier, Akitsu Maru as anti-submarine patrol aircraft. An arrestor hook and two 132 lb / 60 kg depth charges were installed.


  Kokusai Ki-76
Type Liaison, Artillery Spotter, Anti-Submarine
Crew 2
Pilot, Observer
Engine (Type) Hitachi Ha-42
Cylinders Radial 9
Cooling Air
Net HP 310
Propeller blades 2 wooden
Span 49' 2", 49' 2 9/16"
15 m
Length 31' 4", 31' 4 3/8"
9.56 m
Height 9' 6", 9' 6 3/16"
2.9 m
Wing area 316.458 sq ft
29.4 sq m
Empty 2,447 lb
1,110 kg
Normal load 3,373 lb
1,530 kg
Maximum load 3,571 lb
1,620 kg
Speed 111 mph
178 kph
Service Ceiling 18,470'
5,630 m
Range 466 miles
750 km
Armament 1: MG
Cockpit - Rear 1: 7.7 mm Type 89 machine gun
Bombs 264 lb
Depth Charges 2: 132 lb
2: 60 kg


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