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Japan's Rikugun Ki-93 heavy fighter


  • Rikugun Ki-93 heavy fighter


The only aircraft design of the Rikugun Kokugijutsu Kenkyujo (Army Aerotechnical Research Institute) that was actually flown during World War II was the Ki-93.

The Ki-93 was designed to attack bombers at high altitudes and ships at low altitudes.


The Ki-93 was designed to carry a large cannon under the fuselage for attacking Allied bombers or ships.

In the rear cockpit was a 12.7 mm Type 1 machine gun.


The two Mitsubishi Ha-214 (2,400 HP) engines drove six blade propellers.

The engine nacelles were armored. The Ki-93 had self sealing fuel tanks with automatic fire extinguishers.


The first Ki-93 prototype was finished and first flew in April 1945. Flight tests were not completed before Japan surrendered.

The Ki-93-Ib prototype was completed, but not flown before Japan surrendered.


  • Rikugun Ki-93 prototypes: 2
    • Manufacturer: Dai-Ichi Rikugun Kokusho (First Army Air Arsenal) at Tachikawa
    • Production: 1945


  • Rikugun Ki-93:
  • Rikugun Ki-93-Ia: Bomber destroyer.
  • Rikugun Ki-93-Ib: Anti-shipping.


Type Heavy Fighter
Crew 2
Engine (Type) 2: Mitsubishi Ha-214
Cylinders Radial 18
Cooling Air
Net HP 2,400 each
Propeller blades 6 metal
Span 62' 4"
19 m
Length 46' 7 21/32"
14.215 m
Height 15' 10 15/16"
4.85 m
Wing Area 589.322 sq ft
54.75 sq m
Empty 16,945 lb
7,686 kg
Loaded 23,501 lb
10,660 kg
Speed at 27,230' / 8,300 m 388 mph
624 kph
Speed - Cruising 217 mph
350 kph
Climb to 19,685' / 6,000 m 9 minutes 3 seconds
Service Ceiling 39,530'
12,050 m
Range 1,864 miles
3,000 km
Type Bomber Destroyer
Gondola - Ventral 1: 57 mm Ho-401
2: 20 mm Ho-5
Cockpit - Rear 1: 12.7 mm Type 1
Type Anti-Shipping
Gondola - Ventral 1: 75 mm Type 88
Cockpit - Rear 1: 12.7 mm Type 1
Bombs 2: 551 lb
2: 250 kg


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