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Japan's Advanced Squad Leader Ordnance tables

Name # Dates Caliber ROF
M# Target
Am Notes


Type 89 Heavey Grenade-Laundher10,14,630-4550*2  s7, WP6, IR4PP
Year 11 Type Curved-Fire Infantry Gun222-4570*212+1WP5NT, QSU, 5PP dm
Type 97 Curved-Fire Infantry Gun438-4581*311+1WP5NT, QSU
Type 97 Light Close Attack Gun435-4590*310+1WP5NT, QSU, 5PP dm
Type 97 Medium Close-Attack Gun234-45150*180 NT, Towing NA


Type 97 Automatic Gun338-4520L1   5PP, crew


Type 94 Rapid-Fire Gun4,7,335-4537L312+1 NT, QSU, h-d
Type 1 Machine-Moved Gun443-4547L311+1 NT, QSU


Year-11 Type Flat-Trajectory Infantry Gun3,8,322-4537*3   5PP, crew
Type 92 Infantry Gun4,1233-4570*112+1AP5, WP5, H6 NT, QSU, h-d
Year-41 Type Mountain Gun4,809-4575*110+1WP7, H6 NT, QSU, h-d


Year-38 Type Filed Gun (Improved)4,6,216-4575*190WP6NT, QSU, h-d, AP TK12
Type 90 Field Gun430-4575190WP6NT, QSU
Type 91 10cm Field Howitzer231-45105180 NT
Type 92 10cm Cannon232-45105L15-1AP5, WP5NT
Year-38 Type 12cm Howitzer207-45120* 80AP5NT, h-d
Year-3 Type 14cm Naval Seacoast Gun27/43-7/45140L  -1 T, NM
Year-4 Type 15cm Howitzer216-45150* 5-1AP5, WP5NT
Type 96 15cm Howitzer236-7/45150 4-1AP5, WP5NT
Vickers 8-in Coastal Defense Gun Turret4 200L  -1  


Type 93 Twin-Mount High-Angle Machine Gun3,534-4512.73(12)7+1 T, 2TK DR, Tow NA
Type 98 High-Angle Machine Cannon439-4520L3(4)11+1 T, LF
Type 96 Naval High-Angle Machine Cannon444-4525LL3(6) +1 T, NM
Type 96 Twin-Mount Naval High-Angle Machine Cannon444-4525LL3(12) +1 T, NM, 2TK DR
Type 96 Triple-Mount Naval High-Angle Machine Cannon244-4525LL3(16) +1 T, NM, 3TK DR
Type 88 7.5cm Mobile Filed High-Angle Gun4,3,128-457526-1 T
Type 10 8cm, Naval High-Angle Gun10 76L1 -1 NM
Year-10 Type 12cm Naval High-Angle Gun2,27/43-7/45120L1 -1 T, NM
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