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Italy's Fiat L6/40 light tank


Fiat Ansaldo built the L6/40 the vehicle in the 1930s intending to export them. The L6/40 was based on the Carden-Loyd Mark VI tankette.

Bolted and riveted construction.


In the front of the L 6/40 the driver sat on the right. The turret was manually turned and the commander could enter through the turret roof or a door in the right side of the hull.


The drive sprocket was in the front and idler in the rear.


The earliest prototype of the L6/40 had two machine guns in the turret and was finished in 1936. There was a sponson that had a 37 mm gun installed. The next prototypes had the 37 mm gun moved to the turret.


  • L6/40: 283
    • Production: 1939


  • L6/40:
  • Flamethrower: Had 20mm replaced by flamethrower. Had 44 gallons / 200 liters of flame liquid. May not have seen action.
  • Command: Had open roof and radios were added.
  • Semovente L40 47/32: Had turret removed and added a 47 mm gun with 70 rounds. Crew of 3.


Issued to the Italian Army from 1940-41. The L 6/40 was primarily used by reconnaissance units and cavalry divisions.

First units were cavalry and then later Bersaglieri. Used in Africa, Russia, Greece, France, and Italy.

Used by reconnaissance units.


Crew Commander, driver.
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 14,960 lb, 14,991 lb
6.6 tons, 6.79 tons, 6.8 tons
6,800 kg, 6,900 kg
Length 12' 5", 12.6'
3.78 m
Height 6.15', 6' 8", 7' 2"
2.03 m
Width 6.1', 6' 4"
1.92 m
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure 6.87 psi
Turret ring diameter  

37 mm Vickers-Termi L/21 (early models)
20 mm Breda
20 mm Breda Model 35
20 mm

MG 8 mm Breda
MG - coaxial 8 mm MG
8 mm Breda Model 38
Side arms  
Main 256, 296
MG 1,560
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 6 - 30, 6 - 40, 30
Hull Front, Upper 30
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom 6
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) SPA 18 D, Spa
Cylinders 4
Net HP 68, 70
Transmission (type)  
Fuel (type) Gasoline
Traverse 360°
Speed - Road 25 mph, 26 mph, 26.1 mph
42 kph
Speed - Cross Country 15.5 mph
Range - Road 124 miles, 125 miles
200 km
Turning radius  
Elevation limits -12° to +20°
Fording depth 2' 8"
0.8 m
Trench crossing 5' 7"
1.7 m
Vertical obstacle 2' 4"
0.7 m
Suspension (Type) Torsion bar
Wheels each side 2 bogies with 2 wheels
Return rollers each side 3
Track length  
Track width  
Track centers/tread  


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