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Italy's Nardi FN-305 trainer


  • Nardi FN.305 trainer
  • Nardi FN-305D sport plane
  • Nardi FN-305D sport plane



The structure was metal and wood covered by plywood, aluminum, and fabric.

Landing Gear

The landing gear were retractable which was one of the first Italian aircraft to do so.


The Nardi FN.305 prototype was first flown in February 1935 by Arturo Ferrarin. Ferrarin also made a deliberate wheels up landing to show how rugged the FN.305 was.


  • Nardi FN.305: Advanced trainer.
  • Nardi FN.305D: Private sport plane with FIAT A.70S (205 HP) engine.
  • Nardi FN.315: Had Hirth HM 508D (280 HP) engine.



Orders were placed for the FN.305 trainer by Belgium, Chile, France, Hungary, Portugal, Rumania, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia. Most were not delivered due to the start of World War II.

The Nardi FN.315s were sold to Hungary in 1939.

Speed Record

Captain Giovanni Zappetta and Guido Stellingwerf set a light aircraft speed record of 193.1 mph over 621 miles on July 17, 1936.

Endurance Competition

In 1939 a FN.305 won the endurance competition at the Raduno Internazionale del Littorio.


  Nardi FN.305
Type Advanced Trainer
Crew 2
Engine (Type) 1: Alfa-Romeo 115-I
Cylinders Radial, Inverted Inline 6
Cooling Air
HP 185
Span 27' 9"
Length 22' 11.5", 23'
Height 6' 10 2/3", 6' 11"
Wing area 129.1 sq ft
Empty 1,474 lb
Loaded 2,000 lb, 2,090 lb
Speed 193 mph, 210 mph
Speed - Cruising 180 mph
Climb to 13,120' 13 minutes 40 seconds
Service Ceiling 21,320'
Range 311 miles, 620 miles
Armament 1 or 2: machine guns
  Nardi FN.305D
Type Private Sport Aircraft
Crew 1 - 2
Engine (Type) FIAT A.70 S
Cylinders Radial 7
Cooling Air
HP 205
Empty 1,188 lb
Loaded 1,848 lb
Speed 211 mph
Speed - Cruising 189 mph
Climb to 13,120' 13 minutes
Service Ceiling 22,960'
Range 621 miles
  Nardi FN.315
Type Trainer, Touring
Crew 2
Engine (Type) Hirth HM 508D
Cylinders Inverted Inline 8
Cooling Air
HP 280
Empty 1,562 lb
Loaded 2,255 lb
Speed at 8,200' 239 mph
Speed - Cruising 220 mph
Climb to 13,120' 6 minutes 40 seconds
Range 590 miles


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