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Italy's CANT Z.1018 Leone (lion) bomber


  • CANT Z.1018 bomber



The CANT Z.1018 bomber was designed by Engineer Zappata.

An early design (prototypes) of the CANT Z.1018 was of wood but it wasn't developed. The production CANT Z.1018 was of all metal construction.


There was a Caproni Lanciani Delta F turret in the dorsal position with a 12.7 mm gun installed.


The following engines were tried in the prototypes:

  • Piaggio P.XII R.C.35, radial, 1,500 HP
  • Piaggio P.XV R.C.45, radial, 1,400 HP
  • Alfa Romeo 135 R.C.32, radial, 1,400 HP
  • FIAT R.A.1050 R.C.58 Tifone (typhoon), liquid cooled, 1,475 HP


The first prototype had four blade propellers and a twin tail fin and flew in 1940.

  • CANT Z.1018 prototypes: 6


In 1941 an order was placed for 300 Z.1018s.

  • CANT Z.1018:
  • Manufacturer: Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico


  • CANT Z.1018:
  • CANT Z.1018?: Torpedo version that was never constructed.
  • CANT Z.1018?: Fighter version that was never constructed. Armed with seven 20 mm cannons and two machine guns in the nose and three 12.7 mm defensive machine guns.
  • CANT Z.1018?: Night fighter version that was never constructed. Was to have German Lichtenstein SN 2 radar in the nose.



Z.1018 bombers equipped the 101° Gruppo of the 47° Stormo Bombardimento Terrestre right before the Armistice and thus saw little action.


  CANT Z.1018
Type Bomber, Medium Bomber
Crew 4
Engine (Type) 2: Piaggio P.XII RC 35
OR 2: Alfa Romeo 135 R.C.32 Tornado
Cylinders Radial 18
HP 1,350 each
Cooling Air
Propeller blades 3
Span 73' 9.75", 73' 10"
Length 57' 9"
Height 19' 11.5", 20'
Wing area 679.2 sq ft
Loaded 25,400 lb
Speed 323 mph
Speed at 14,700' 325 mph
Climb to 6,560' 3 minutes 10 seconds
Service Ceiling 23,785', 23,800'
Range 700 - 1,367 miles, 830 miles
Armament 5: MG
Turret - Dorsal 1: 12.7 mm
Fuselage - Sides 2: 7.7 mm
Ventral 1: 12.7 mm
Wing - Starboard Root 1: 12.7 mm
Bombs 4,400 lb
6: 550 lb


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