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Great Britain's Carden-Loyd Tankette Mark VI


Developed from a private venture by Major Gifford Le Q. Martel in Camberley. This tankette was designed to be a mobile MG platform.

Mass production started in 1927 and by 1930, 270 had been delivered to the British Army.

Sometimes carried the Stokes mortar.

MG had limited traverse as it was intended to be transported by, not fired from, the vehicle.The tripod for the MG was mounted on the front of the hull.

Some models towed the 37 mm howitzer or 20 mm Oerlikon antitank gun.

A GS trailer was available to carry ammunition for the weapons.

Exported to Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, and Russia where it influenced designs there.Canada and India also received them.


  • Carden-Loyd Tankette Mk III: Had Horstmann suspension and towed the 94 mm howitzer.Royal Ordnance Factory produced them from 1933 to 1935.


  Carden-Loyd Tankette
Crew 2
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 1.5 tons
1,525 kg
Length 8' 1"
2.46 m
Height 4'
1.22 m
Width 5' 7", 5' 9"
1.75 m
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure  
Turret ring diameter  
Main 7.7 mm (.303 cal) Vickers MG
Vickers .303 MG OR
.5 MG
Side arms  
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 5 - 9
6 - 9
Hull Front, Upper  
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom  
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) Ford Model T
Speed - Road 25 mph, 28 mph
40.2 kph
Speed - Cross Country  
Range - Road 90 miles
144 km
Turning Radius  
Elevation Limits  
Fording depth  
Trench crossing  
Vertical Obstacle  
Suspension (Type)  
Wheels each side  
Return rollers each side  
Track length  
Track width  
Track centers/tread  


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