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Great Britain's Light Tank Mk VIII, A25, Harry Hopkins


Light Tank Mk VIII, A25, Harry Hopkins:
Great Britain's Light Tank Mk VIII, A25, Harry Hopkins
Royal Armored Corps Tank Museum


The Light Tank Mk VIII was designed in 1941 by Vickers Armstrongs to replace the Tetrarch.

Was named after the confidential advisor to US President Roosevelt.

Used same track flexing for steering as Tetrarch, however had hydraulic assisted controls for the driver.


  • Light Tank Mk VIII, A25, Harry Hopkins: 92, 99, ~100
    • Production: ? - 1944, 1944
    • Manufacturer: Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage Wagon Company Ltd.


  • Light Tank Mk VIII, A25, Harry Hopkins:
  • Alecto SP: Had 95 mm howitzer or 6 pdr gun installed.
  • Alecto I: 95 mm howitzer.
  • Alecto II: 6 pdr.
  • Alecto III: 25 pdr. Not built.
  • Alecto IV: 32 pdr. Not built.
  • Alecto Dozer: Had bull dozer blade.
  • C26: Armored personnel carrier, but was dropped when end of war came.


Never entered service as Tetrarchs and Locusts met needs.


The Alecto's had dozer blades attached and were used as tractors on the Salisbury Plain.


  Light Tank Mark VIII Harry Hopkins A25
Crew Commander, gunner, driver.
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 19,040 lb
8.5 tons
8,635 kg, 8,636 kg
Length 14', 14' 3"
4.27 m, 4.34 m
Height 6' 11"
2.11 m
Width 8' 10", 8' 10.5"
2.65 m, 2.71 m
Width over tracks  
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure  
Turret ring diameter  
Main 1: 2 pdr (40 mm)
1: 2 pdr OQF
MG 1: 7.92 mm Besa MG
1: 7.92 mm / 0.312" Besa MG
Side arms  
Main 50
MG 2,025
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 6 - 38, 6, 38
Hull Front, Upper 38
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom 6
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) Meadows Fiat, Meadows
Bore / stroke  
Cylinders 12
Net HP 148, 149
Power to weight ratio  
Compression ratio  
Transmission (Type)  
Steering ratio  
Electrical system  
Fuel (Type) Gasoline
Road consumption  
Cross country consumption  
Traverse 360°
Speed - Road 30 mph
48 kph
Speed - Cross Country 20 mph
Range - Road 125 miles, 140 miles
201 km, 225 km
Range - Cross Country  
Turning radius  
Elevation limits  
Fording depth 3'
Trench crossing 5'
Vertical obstacle 2'
Climbing ability  
Suspension (Type) Steerable road wheels.
Wheels each side  
Return rollers each side  
Tracks (Type)  
Width 10.5"
Number of links  
Tire tread  
Track centers/tread 7'


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