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Great Britain's Cruiser Mk III, A13


Cruiser Mk III, A13:
Great Britain's Cruiser Mk III (A13)
Royal Armored Corps Tank Museum

Cruiser Mk II, A10, and Cruiser Mk III, A13
Cruiser Mk II, A10 and Cruiser Mk III, A13


Lt. Col. G. le Q Martel saw Russian BT tanks in maneuvers and suggested the war office adopt the Christie suspension. Morris Commercial Ltd. built prototypes based on two Christie tanks purchased in 1936.

The speed was governed down from 35 mph to 30 mph, alterations in the clutch and transmission, and using shorter pitched tracks. The engine could be started with compressed air or electronically.

Used same turret as the A9 but with larger commander's cupola.


The first of two prototypes were delivered by Nuffield Mechanisations and Aero, Ltd in October 1937.

The suffered many problems with the engines as the tank was two tons heavier than the previous model, the A10.


By January 1938 a production order of 65 was placed.

The first models were delivered in December 1938.

  • Prototype: 2
    • Manufacturer: Nuffield Mechanisations and Aero Ltd
  • Cruiser Mk III, A13: 665
  • Cruiser Mk III, A13 Mk I and Cruiser Mk IV, A13 Mk II: 665
    • Production: January 1938 - 1941
    • Manufacturer: Nuffield Mechanisations and Aero Ltd, L.M.S. Railway, English Electric, Leylands



Used by the 1st Armored Division in France, and the 7th Armored Division in Libya from 1940 - 1941.

Half of the 7th Armored Brigade's tank strength was A13s in November 1941, during Operation Crusader.


  Cruiser Mk III, A13
Crew Commander, gunner, loader, driver.
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 31,360 lb, 44,240 lb
14 tons, 14.2 tons
14,220 kg, 14,225 kg, 20,067 kg
Length 19', 19' 8", 19' 9"
5.994 m, 6.02 m
Height 7' 4", 8' 4", 8' 6"
2.235 m, 2.59 m
Width 8' 4", 8' 6.5", 8' 8"
2.54 m, 2.64 m
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure  
Turret ring diameter  
Main 1: 2 pdr QFSA
1: 2 pdr (40 mm)
1: 2 pdr
1: 6 pdr
MG 1:.303 cal Vickers MG
1: MG
MG - coaxial 1: Vickers .303 cal (7.7 mm)
Side arms  
Main 87
MG 3,750
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 6 - 14, 6, 14
Hull Front, Upper 14
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom 6
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) Nuffield Liberty
Nuffield Mk III
Bore / stroke  
Cylinders V-12
Net HP 340
Power to weight ratio  
Compression ratio  
Transmission (Type)  
Steering ratio  
Starter Electrical or compressed air
Electrical system  
Fuel (Type) Gasoline
Road consumption  
Cross country consumption  
Traverse 360°
Speed - Road 27 mph, 30 mph
43.4 kph, 48 kph
Speed - Cross Country 15 mph, 24 mph
24 kph
Range - Road 90 miles, 127 miles
145 km, 204 km
Range - Cross Country  
Turning radius  
Elevation limits  
Fording depth 3', 3' 3"
0.99 m
Trench crossing 7' 6", 8' 6"
2.59 m
Vertical obstacle 2' 3"
0.686 m
Climbing ability  
Suspension (Type) Christie
Wheels each side  
Return rollers each side  
Tracks (Type)  
Width 10 1/8"
Number of links  
Tire tread  
Track centers/tread 6' 11"


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