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German Balkenkreuz

Germany's Messerschmitt Me 210 Zerstörer (destroyer) heavy fighter


  • Messerschmitt Me 210A1 fighter
  • Messerschmitt Me 210A1 fighter


The Messerschmitt Me 210 was designed in 1937. The Me 210 was to be a replacement for the Bf 110.


The Me 210 had remotely controlled barbettes in the sides of the fuselage that fired to the rear.


The Me 210 prototype first flew on September 2, 1939 / September 5, 1939. It initially had twin fins and rudders. It was powered by two Daimler-Benz DB 601A engines.

Test Pilot Pans the Me 210

Fritz Wendel, test pilot, said that the Me 210 had "all the least desirable attributes an airplane could posses."


1,000 Me 210s were ordered off the drawing board.

Construction of the Me 210A-0s started in early 1941. Production was halted in 1942. About 90 Me 210A-1s were completed by this time and another 370 were on the production line. Some of these unfinished planes had a deeper and longer fuselage, automatic wing slots, and new air brakes applied to them. 170 of these were completed.

  • Me 210A-0: 94
  • Me 210A and Me 210B: 352
  • Me 210C: 267
    • Produced by DAF in Hungary for the Royal Hungarian Air Force.
    • Delivered between 1943 and March 1944.
    • 108 used by Luftwaffe.
  • Total: 619


  • Me 210A-0: Pre production.
  • Me 210A-1: Production model. Heavy fighter bomber. Entered service in 1941. Had two 20 mm forward firing guns and two 7.92 mm machine guns in remotely controlled barbettes on the fuselage sides.
  • Me 210A-2: Fighter bomber. Dive bomber fighter. Could carry 4,409 lb / 2,000 kg bomb load. Had DB 601Aa engine.
  • Me 210B: Reconnaissance.
  • Me 210B-1: Photo reconnaissance.
  • Me 210C: Had Daimler-Benz DB 605B engines (1,475 HP).
  • Me 210C-2: Had DB 605B engine.
  • Me 210D: Had Daimler-Benz DB 605B engines (1,475 HP).


Germany and Hungary used the Me 210.

The Me 210s were used on the Eastern Front from early 1942. The modified Me 210s were used in the Mediterranean late 1942.

After pilots would lose control during dives the Me 210 was withdrawn from combat.


  Messerschmitt Me 210
Type Fighter bomber
Crew 2
Span 53' 7.25"
16.34 m
Length 39' 9.25"
12.12 m
Height 14' 0.5"
4.28 m
  Messerschmitt Me 210A
Engine (Type) 2: Daimler-Benz DB 601F
Cylinders Inverted V 12
HP 1,350 each
Propeller blades 3 each
  Messerschmitt Me 210A-1
Type Fighter bomber
Engine (Type) 2: Mercedes-Benz DB 601
Cooling Liquid
HP 1,270 each
Span 55'
Length 36' 4"
Empty 15,586 lb
7,070 kg
Loaded 21,350 lb, 21,397 lb
9,705 kg
Speed 370 mph
Speed at 17,820' / 5,430 m 350 mph
563 kph
Climb to 13,125' / 4,000 m 7.5 minutes
Service Ceiling 22,965'
7,000 m
Range 1,491 miles
2,400 km
Nose 2: 20 mm
2: 7.9 mm MG
2: Cannon
4: MG
Barbettes in fuselage sides 2: 13 mm MG
Bombs 2,200 lb, 2,205 lb
1,000 kg
  Messerschmitt Me 210C
Engine (Type) 2: Daimler-Benz DB 605B
HP 1,475 each
Propeller blades 3 each


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