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France's Potez 25 general purpose


The Potez 25 was designed by Lois Coroller.


The undercarriage was a cross axle landing gear with shock absorbers. The wheels were made of metal spokes and rubber tires.


The cockpit contained the pilot and observer beneath a cut out in the top wing.


The prototype of the Potez 25 first flew in 1925.


From 1925 to 1935 over 4,000 were constructed.

ANF Les Mureauz, Hanriot, and Potez manufactured the Potez 25.


  • Potez 25:
  • Potez 25 A.2: Observation plane.
  • Potez 25 B.2: Bomber. There were twelve 26 lb / 12 kg or four 110 lb / 50 kg bombs under the fuselage, and six 26 lb / 12 kg bombs under the wings.
  • Potez 25 H: Floatplane variant. One version had two floats, the other with a single central float.
  • Potez 25-O: Additional fuel for long flights. Unsuccessfully attempted to fly from Paris to New York.
  • Potez 25 ??: Salmson (520 HP) radial engine installed.
  • Potez TOE: Used overseas.


Used by more than 20 countries. Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, Guatemala, Indo-China, Japan, Madagascar, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, and Yugoslavia.

Used by the French air force into the mid-1930s. Other countries used them into the 1940s.

The Potez 25 was licensed built by Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Yugoslavia.


Switzerland had a mix of liquid and air cooled engines in their Potez 25s. One air cooled engine used was the Gnome-Rhône 9Ac Jupiter.

Sino-Japanese War

The Chinese air force used the Potez 25s against the Japanese.


The Ethiopian military used the Potez 25s against the Italians in 1935.


  Potez 25 TOE
Type General purpose
Crew 2
Pilot, observer
Engine (Type) Lorraine-Dietrich 12Eb piston
Cooling Liquid
Net HP 450
Propeller blades 2
Span 46' 5"
14.14 m
Length 29' 10"
9.1 m
Height 12'
3.67 m
Wing area 506 sq ft
47 sq m
Empty 3,329 lb
1,510 kg
Loaded 5,512 lb
2,500 kg
Speed @ sea level 129 mph
208 kph
Cruising speed  
Service Ceiling 19,000'
5,800 m
Range 783 miles
1,260 km
Forward firing 1: 7.7 mm Vickers MG
Rear cockpit 2: 7.7 mm Vickers MG
Bombs 440 lb
200 kg


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