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        MF Entrance Cost MP Entrance Cost      
Terrain Example LOS Obstacle/ Hindrance TEM / Indirect† Infantry Cavalry Horse Drawn Mortorcycle Armored Car Fully Tracked Halftrack Truck Kindle #/ Spread # Fortifiable Notes
Open Ground1BQ-FFMO: -1*11133114-YesNA if Height Advantage applies
Shellholes2U6-+1 ©*1 or 2*222+COT X2+COTCOTCOT4+COT-YesTreat as OG if entered at 1 MF unless BU
Road1Y10/1Z8-DOT*1111/21/2 [BU:1]1/2 [BU:1]1/2 [BU:1]1/2-Pv No Ent/ HIP MinesFFMO if entered at road rate
Sunken Road14T3DepressionFFMO: -1*2 R2 RNA R DNA RNA R DNA R DNA R DNA R D-No Entrenchvs. unit without Crest status
Elevated Road13L5Level 1FFMO: -1*2 R2 RNA R D6 X R PNA R D5 R D5 R DNA R D-No EntrenchIf Height Advantage NA
Bridge5Y8HindranceLOS: -1*/+1NA RNA RNA RNA RNA R DNA R DNA R DNA R D-No Ent/ HIP MinesIf LOS is thru road depiction; otherwise +1; TEM: +1
Runway14M6--1*1 R1 R1 R3 R3 R1 R1 R4 R-Wire & RoadblockIn any fire phase; NA vs. armor
Sewer1D5/1E4-*-2/NAALL ©NANANANANANANA-NoLOS to adjacent sewer hesx only
Wall2H1/2I1Half Level+2/+1©1+COT1+COTNANA PNA1+COTNANA---
Hedge2T1/2U2Half Level+1/0 ©1+COT1+COTNANA P3+COT B1+COT2+COT BNA---
Bocage2T1/2U2Level 1+2/+1 ©2+COTNANANANAZ+COT BNANA---
Hill2E8Level 1-4DOT*DOT hDOT hDOT hDOT HDOT HDOT HDOT HDOT H-Yes+1 HA TEM if no other TEM
Cliff2W5/2V4 -2/NA*CLIMBNANANANANANANA- vs. climber; otherwise DOT
BRUSH12AA10Hindrance0222442269/6YesDeep Snow becomes Open Ground
WOODS1C9Level 1+1/-12 R4 C RALL B RNA P RALL B RALL B*/Z D RALL B RALL B R9/7YesIf no road, VBM, or TB
ORCHARD6F5#Level 1* or Hindrance**01113 R3 R1 R1 R4 R11/9YesTo higher LOS only in Apr-Oct. **Max. Hindrance +1 with 2 level adv.
GRAIN3K9Hindrance*01 1/21 1/21 1/24411510/6-June-Sept Only; MF/MP Apr-Sept
MARSH [Mudflats]7G2Hindrance0*ALL© [2]ALL C[2]NANA [P]NANANANA NoHE FP halved; [Mudflat only]
Crag15X9#Hindrance+124 CNANANANANANA Wire Only 
Graveyard12W4#Hindrance+112 CNA [1]4 [1]NA [1]Z B [1]NA [1]NA [1] Yes[via Grave road hexside only]
Gully5Y3DepressionDOT2*2*ALL4+COT4+COT2+COT3+COT6+COT BB Yes+COT if not Open Ground
Stream13N6DepressionDOT*2/3/**4*2/3/4ALL BB4+COT X**4+COT BB2+COT BB3+COT BB6+COT BB Mine / Wire OnlyDry/Shallow/Deep. **Deep Stream: Infantry must become CX; Mortorcycles may not enter.
Water Obstacle7E2Level -1FFMO: -1*ALL*©ALL*ALL *NANANANANA NoOnly if Fordable
Valley24P8Level -1DOTDOTDOTDOTDOTDOTDOTDOTDOT YesNote h & H when moving higher
WOODEN BUILDING1C7Level 1-3 1/2+2(+1*)2NANANA PNAZ BNANA7/8Mines OnlyIF adds +1/level above target
STONE BUILDING1J2Level 1-3 1/2+3(+1*)2NANANA PNAZ BNANA8/7Mines OnlyMove assumes no road or VBM
RUBBLECounter#Half Level+2 or +3*3NANANA PNAZ BNANA*NoSame as Wood or Stone Building
Fire (Blaze)Counter#SmokeDOT*NANANANANANANANA--+3 for Smoke; +2 if Burning Wreck
WireCounter-DOTCOTNANANA4+COT B2+COT B4+COT B4+COT B--Exit only in MPh/RtPh
EntrenchmentTrenchCounter-+2/+4©COT*1& COT1+COT [NA]2+COT [NA]2+COT [NA]COT [B]COT [NA]4+COT [NA]--1 MF enter/exit beneath; [Trench]
MinefieldRecorded-DOTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOT--TEM NA to mine attack
RoadblockCounterHalf Level+2/+11+COT1+COTNANANANANANA--Connects to adjacent bldg/woods
PillboxCounter-LOS*COT**COTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOTCOT--Based on type & LOS; ** costs 1 MF extra to enter/exit beneath
WreckCounter#Hindrance+1©COTCOTDOT+1*DOTDOT +1*DOT +1*DOT +1*DOT +1*--Per Vehicle/Wreck; +2 if ent. via road
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