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Terrain Notes

Indirect Fire TEM is listed following "/" only if different from Direct Fire TEM
#Whole hex affects LOS {Inherent Terrain. B.6}
$Stacking limit two if no road; G2.2 & G3.1
##Except as specified otherwise in rules, treat as the terrain type indicated by the symbol.
@APh entry NA
aTankette/Carrier entry NA; G2.21 & G3.1
BRequires Bog DR to enter/change-VCA-within unless on road or track.
BBRequires BOG DR to exit via non-depression hexside
bRequires Sand Bog DR to enter/change-VCA within (even if Scrub is present) unless on Road or Track.
bbMay require Sand Bog DR if Accessible to Sand; F7.31
CCavalry may not Charge/Gallop in Jungle/Bamboo (even along path; G.4) [EXC: Gallop allowed along road], IN Irrigated Paddy (G8.12), along Paddy Bank (G8.2112), or onto/off-of non-hidden Panjis (G9.422)
cCOT IN Paddy (plus cost to cross Bank if applicable)
Not cumulative with +/- TEM in same hex
COTCost of Terrain; B.2
DAll MP penalties for entering hex that contains wreck/vehicle, or for changing VCA, are doubled.
dSpecial rules for Detection apply; see G.4. +2 Recovery drm can apply; see G.5. Ambush terrain (+1 ATTACKER drm); see G.6.
DOTDependent on other terrain in hex.
EConcealment Terrain only for Infantry/Fortifications/Emplaced-Guns; G8.13; F2.3
eEliminated (and Rider must Bail out) if entering onto Panji counter across its covered hexside [EXC: Cavalry expending 11 MF and not Galloping/Charging]; G9.422
F-1 FFMO can apply if no HA
f+2 DRM for Entrenching Attempt on Desert Board (F.1) unless Sand is present; F.1B
GChap. B costs if on a Board 25 hill hex; F.2A
gSet up and revealed as if at night; see G.2
ggPillbox/trench/sangar NA; foxhole TEM halved if sand is Soft
HAdd 4 MP for each full level higher elevation entered [EXC: via road add 2 MP]
hMF cost of each full level higher elevation is doubled [EXC: changing levels within a building costs 1 MF]
hh1MP +COT if leaving deir hex via Lip hexside; otherwise, cost is COT (usually OG)
IHammada Immobilization DR required unless on road or track; F3.31
iMay require Hammada Immobilization DR if Accessible to Hammada; F3.31
iiImmobilized if entering onto Panji counter across its covered hexside, unless it is a full-tracked AFV/dozer (G9.42); VCA NA on Panji counter (G9.52)
JSidecar NA
jManhandling NA (G3.2 [EXC: via path]; G8.12 [EXC: boat]; G8.21 [EXC: cycle]; G9.5)
KCommandos only; others NA (G13.61)
kConcealment Terrain only for Infantry/Emplaced-Guns; G5.51
L1 MP/MF+COT if entering a higher elevation; otherwise, cost is COT (usually OG)
MRequires Minimum Move, Low Crawl or Advance vs. Difficult Terrain; G3.2
mMortar fire NA from, and Bypass NA in. this terrain; G2.212, G2.24, G3.1
nFG restrictions apply; see G.3
PMay be Pushed
PvIf Paved
pOr per path cost if crossing path hexside (for Bamboo, see also G3.2)
qVs target IN Paddy. Reduce TEM by 1 vs. LOF from higher elevation/across non-bank hexside of target Location; G8.3
ROr per road cost if crossing road/runway hexside
rRoad cost instead if through Road/Runway, or Track cost if through Track, hexside
SMost ordnance/OBA FP halved on IFT if Sand is present; F7.4
sStraying may be possible even in daytime; G2.22 & G3.21
TIf crossing Track hexside, reduce total MF/MP cost by 1 (to minimum of 1) before adding any Weather/Towing/Convoy/SMOKE Dust cost; F9.1
tOr per Train Break cost if crossing TB hexside (for Bamboo, see also G3.2)
USwamping possible if in Heavy Surf; G13.441
uCOT=one land MP if Waterproofed or two if not (G13.422); Swamping possible if non-Waterproofed (G13.4222) or in Heavy Surf (G13.441)
v0+COT for Inf/Cav entering Beach hex, or for any unit crossing Breached low seawall; G13.621
WAs per Chapter B Terrain Chart for wall/hedge
wHA can apply to unit on pier only vs. adjacent, in-LOS unit in water/Beach Location; G13.72.
XRequires Wreck Check dr
xEntry NA from beneath same (or to beneath stone) Pier counter; Manhandling (and Horse) entry onto Pier counter NA from water/Beach Location (G13.73)
YCrossable only via Minimum Move, Low Crawl, or Advance vs. Difficult Terrain
ZOr may use half of MP allotment at greater Bog risk.
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