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United States' T14 Heavy Tank


The British and Americans worked together on this design to produce a tank that would be used by both countries.1 The head of the Ordnance Department went to Britain in September 1941 to discuss designing a better armed and armored vehicle than the Churchill.1

In December 1941 studies were conducted to put a 6 pdr or a 75 mm gun in a vehicle that would share many of the parts of a M4 Medium.1 Features of the M6 Heavy were also included.1

The British ordered 8,5004 in March 1942, but the pilot model took until 1944 to be completed.1 By that time the Churchill was a successful infantry support tank and the project was dropped.1,4


  • Prototypes: 24


Crew Commander, driver, co-driver, gunner, loader.2
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 84,000 lb2,4, 93,930 lb3
41 tons1
38,102 kg4, 41,732 kg1
Length 20' 4"1,2, 20' 9 7/8"3
6.19 m1
Height 8' 1 5/16"3, 9' 1"1,2
2.99 m1
Width 10' 3"1,2,3
3.17 m1
Ground clearance  
Ground contact length  
Ground pressure  
Turret ring diameter  
Main 75 mm3,4
75 mm M31,2
6 pdr (57 mm)1
76 mm1
105 mm1
MG 3: MG3
7.62 mm (.30 cal) MG1 OR
2: 7.62 mm (.30 cal) MG1, 12.7 mm (.50 cal) MG1
2: .30 cal Browning MG.2
.50 cal Browning MG, AA.2
Side arms  
Main 75 mm: 502
MG .30: 9,0002
Side arms  
Armor Thickness (mm) 192, 1021, 1332,5
2" - 3"3, 5.23"4
Hull Front, Upper  
Hull Front, Lower  
Hull Sides, Upper  
Hull Sides, Lower  
Hull Rear  
Hull Top  
Hull Bottom  
Turret Front  
Turret Sides  
Turret Rear  
Turret Top  
Engine (Make / Model) Ford GAZ1,2
HP 5204
Speed - Road 18 mph1, 22 mph2,4, 24 mph3
28 kph1, 35.4 kph4
Speed - Cross Country  
Range - Road 100 miles1,2
161 km1
Turning Radius  
Elevation Limits  
Fording depth 3'2
Trench crossing 9'2
Vertical Obstacle 2' 1"2
Suspension (Type) HVSS2
Wheels each side  
Return rollers each side  
Track length  
Track width 25.75"2
Track centers/tread 7' 9"2


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