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Three French Citroen-Kegresse vehicles were purchased between 1925 and 1931.1 These were evaluated by the Ordnance Department.1

The White Motor Company designed one based on one of their commercial trucks chassis and the body of a M3 scout car.1 These were designated the T14 in 1939.1

In September 1940 White, Autocar, and Diamond T. agreed to standardize parts for the vehicles as much as possible for production.1

Was a specially designed commercial front and rear drive truck chassis. Some models had a roller on the front to help it climb out of ditches, and others had a winch (10,000 lb, 4,536 kg capacity1) for towing the vehicle out of soft terrain. With the tracks it could go over rougher terrain than an armored car.

The radiator was protected by armored shutters that could be opened, closed, or put in 3 different positions from within the vehicle by the driver.1 The shutter had direct vision slots for use when it was closed. The windshield has shatter proof glass that could be removed when entering a combat zone.

Each compartment had 5 seats each side for the passengers.1 A frame could be place over the cargo area and a canvas could be placed over it.1


Model Manufacturer 1941 1942 1943 1944
M2 Autocar 424 1,325 1,243  
White Motor Co.5 3,1415 3,410 1,872  
  3,5656 4,7356 3,1156  
M2A1 Autocar     362 315
White     629 970
      9876 6566
M3 Autocar5 672 1,001 1,962  
White 100 53    
  1,8596 4,9596 5,6816  
M3A1 Autocar     3001  
      2,0376 8256
M5 International Harvester   253 4,473 4,625
    1526 4,4736  
M5A1 International Harvester     1,859 2,959
      1,8596 1,1006
M9       2,0266  
M9A1 International Harvester     3,433  
T48 GMC     506 9126  
M3, M3A1 GMC   866 1,3506 7666  
T30 HMC     5006    
T19 HMC     3246    
M13 MGMC       1,1036  
M14 MGMC     56 1,6006  
M16 MGMC       2,3236 5546
M17 MGMC       4006 6006
T10 MGMC         1106
T28E1 CGMC     806    
M15 CGMC       6806  
M15A1 CGMC       1,0526 6006
M4 MMC     5726    
M4A1 MMC       6006  
M21 MMC         1106



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