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United States' flag

United States' Aircraft Aces

FG: Fighter Group; FS: Fighter Squadron

Note: This list is not complete as I'm still working on finding sources with the rest of the American Aces.

Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
Major2 Richard I. Bong2,3 402,3   Army 35th FG2, 49th FG2, 475th FG2   Killed August 6, 19452
Major2,3 Thomas B. McGuire, Jr.2,3 382,3 P-383, P-393 Army 56th PS3/54th PG3, 9th FS3/49th FG3, 431st FS3/475th FG2,3 Congressional Medal of Honor3 KIA January 7, 19453
Commander3 David McCampbell, David M. Campbell3 343 F6F3 Navy VF-153, Air Group 153    
Colonel2 Francis S. Gabreski2,3, "Gabby" 282,3   Army 56th FG2    
Colonel2 Robert S. Johnson2,3 272,3   Army 56th FG2    
Colonel2 Charles H. MacDonald2,3 272,3   Army 475th FG2    
2nd Lieutenant5, Major2,8 George E. Preddy2,3,8, George E. Preddy, Jr.5 26 5/62,3,5,8 P-405 Army 9th FS5/49th FG5, 487 th8 / 352nd FG2,8   KIA5
Captain3 Joseph Foss3 263 F4F3 Marine Corps VMF-1213    
  Robert Hanson3, Robert M. Hanson 253   Marine Corps      
  Gregory Boyington, "Pappy" 243, 28   Marine Corps AVG3    
  Cecil Harris3, Cecil E. Harris 243   Navy      
Lt. Colonel8, Colonel2 John C. Meyer2,8 242,8   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG2,8    
  Eugene Valencia3, Eugene A. Valencia 233   Navy      
Colonel2,3 David C. Schilling2,3 22.52,3 P-473 Army 62nd FS3/56th FG2,3    
Lt. Colonel2 Gerald R. Johnson2 222   Army 49th FG2    
Colonel2 Neel E. Kearby2 222   Army 348th FG2    
Major2 Jay T. Robbins2 222   Army 8th FG2    
Captain1 Don S. Gentile1, Dominic S. Gentile 19 5/62, 21 5/61   Army 4th FG1,2   2 with RAF
Captain2 Fred J. Christensen2 21.52   Army 56th FG2    
Captain2 Ray S. Wetmore2, Raymond S. Wetmore 21.252   Army 359th FG2    
Captain2 John J. Voll2 212   Army 31st FG2    
  Kenneth Walsh3, Kenneth A. Walsh 213 F4U3 Marine Corps VMF-1243 Congressional Medal of Honor3, Distinguished Flying Cross with 6 gold stars3, Air Medal with 14 gold stars3  
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
Colonel2 Walker M. Mahurin2, "Bud" 20.752   Army 56th FG2    
  Donald Aldrich3, Donald N. Aldrich 203   Marine Corps      
Lt. Colonel2 Thomas J. Lynch2 202   Army 35th FG2    
Major5, Lt. Colonel2 Robert B. Westbrook2,5 202,5 P-405, P-385 Army 44th FS5/18th FG2,5, 347th FG2   KIA5 November 22, 19442
Colonel2 Glenn E. Duncan2 19.52     353rd FG2    
  Patrick Fleming3 193          
  John Smith3 , John Lucian Smith 193   Marine Corp      
  Alexander Vraciu3 193   Navy      
  Arthur J. Benko 18.5   Army      
  Marion E. Carl 18.5   Marine Corps      
Captain2,3 Leonard K. Carson2,3 18.52,3 P-513 Army 357th FG2,3    
Colonel2 Glenn T. Eagleston2 18.52   Army 354th FG2    
  Wilbur J. Thomas 18.5   Marine Corps      
Major2 Walter C. Beckham2 182   Army 353rd FG2    
Major2 Herschel H. Green2 182   Army 325th FG2    
  Cornelius Nooy3, Cornelius N. Nooy 183, 19   Navy      
  Charles H. Older 18   Army     10 with AVG
Lt. Colonel2 Hubert Zemke2 17.752   Army 479th FG2, 56th FG2    
Major2 John B. England2 17.52   Army 357th FG2    
Captain2,3, Major1 Duane W. Beeson1,3 17.31, 193, 19.32 P-513, Spitfire3 Army No 71 'Eagle' Squadron3, 334th FS3/4th FG1,2,3   POW April 5, 19442
1st Lieutenant2, Captain8 John F. Thornell2,8 17.252, 17.58   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG2,8    
Lieutenant2 Henry W. Brown2 17.22   Army 355th FG2    
Colonel2 Gerald W. Johnson2 172   Army 356th FG2, 56th FG2   POW March 27, 19442
Captain2 James S. Varnell, Jr.2 172   Army 52nd FG2    
Captain2,3 Clarence E. Anderson2,3, "Bud"3 16.253, 16.52 P-513 Army 363rd FS3/357th FG2,3    
Captain1,2 John T. Godfrey1,2 16.31,2   Army 4th FG1,2    
  Douglas Baker 16   Navy      
Lt. Colonel2 William D. Dunham2 15, 162   Army 348th FG2    
Lt. Colonel2 Bill Harris2 162   Army      
  Ira C. Kepford 16   Navy      
  Charles R. Stimpson 16   Navy      
2nd Lieutenant5, Major2 George S. Welch2,5 162,5 P-405, P-385, P-395 Army 47th PS5/15th PG5, 8th FG2    
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
Captain2 Donald M. Beerbower2 15.52   Army      
Major2 Samuel J. Brown2 15, 15.52   Army 31st FG2    
Captain2 Richard A. Peterson2 15.52   Army 357th FG2    
  David Lee Hill, "Tex" 15.25   Army     10 1/4 with the AVG
Lt. Colonel2 Jack T. Bradley2 152   Army 328th FG2    
Major2 Edward Cragg2, "Porky" 152   Army 8th FG2    
  Kenneth H. Dahlberg 15   Army      
Major2 Robert W. Foy2 152   Army 357th FG2    
Lt. Colonel2 John C. Herbst2, "Pappy" 152, 18   Army 23rd FG2    
2nd Lieutenant1,2 Ralph K. Hofer1,2 151, 16.52   Army 4th FG1,2    
Captain2 Cyril F. Homer2 152   Army 8th FG2    
Major2 Daniel T. Roberts, Jr.2 14, 152   Army 4475th FG2    
  Harold L. Spears 15   Marine Corps      
Captain8, Major2 William T. Whisner Jr.2,8 152, 15.58   Army 487th FS8 / 352ng FG2,8    
Lt. Colonel2 Donald H. Bochkay2 14 5/62   Army 357th FG2    
Colonel1,2 Don J. M. Blakeslee2, Donald J. M. Blakeslee1 14.51, 15.52   Army RAF1, 354th FG1, 4th FG1,2   3 with RAF
  Henry Brown 14.5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5, Lt. Colonel2 John D. Landers2,5 14.52,5 P-405 Army 9th FS5/49th FG2,5, 357th FG2, 55th FG2, 78th FG2    
Captain2 John H. Powers2, Joseph H. Powers, Jr 14.52   Army 56th FG2    
  Bruce W. Carr 14   Army      
Major2 Robert C. Curtis2 142   Army 52nd FG2    
Captain2,5 Robert M. DeHaven2,5 142,5 P-405, P-385 Army 7th FS5/49th FG2,5    
  Archie G. Donahue 14   Marine Corps      
  Wallace N. Emmer 14   Army      
Major1, Colonel2 James A. Goodson1,2 141, 152   Army 31st FG1, 4th FG1,2   POW July 19442
Captain2 John F. Hampshire2 13, 142   Army 23rd FG2   KIA May 2, 19432
  Arthur R. Hawkins 14   Navy      
Captain5 Cotesworth B. Head, Jr.5 12, 145 P-405, P-385 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5   KIA5
Captain2 Arthur F. Jeffrey2 142   Army 479th FG2    
Lt. Colonel2 Edward O. McComas2 142   Army 23rd FG2    
  Elbert S. McCuskey 14   Navy      
1st Lieutenant5 Richard L. West5 12, 145 P-405, P-385 Army 35th FS5/8th FG5    
  John L. Wirth 14   Navy      
  George C. Duncan 13.5   Navy      
  J. J. Lynch7 13.57   RCAF7 717, 2497    
  Roger W. Mehle 13.5   Navy      
Lieutenant2 Donald J. Strait2 13.52   Army 356th FG2    
Lieutenant2, Captain8 Donald S. Bryan2,8 13.32,8   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG2,8    
Lieutenant2, Major1 George Carpenter1,72 13.31,2   Army 4th FG1,2    
Captain2 James L. Brooks2 132   Army 31st FG2    
  Daniel A. Carmichael, Jr. 13   Navy      
  Darrell S. Cramer 13   Army      
  James N. Cupp 13   Marine Corps      
  Clyde B. East 13   Army      
  Robert E. Galer 13   Marine Corps      
  Bruce K. Holloway 13   Army      
  William P. Marontate 13   Marine Corps      
Lieutenant2, Captain1 Willard W. Millikan1,2 131,2   Army 4th FG1,2    
Lieutenant,2,8 Glennon T. Moran2,8 132,8   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG2,8    
  Robert Neale 13   AVG      
Lieutenant2 Robin Olds2,6 132,6 P-386, P-516 Army 479th FG2    
Captain2 Harry A. Parker2 132   Army 325th FG2    
  Roy W. Rushing 13   Navy      
Colonel2 Robert L. Scott, Jr.2, Robert Lee Scott 132   Army 23rd FG2    
  Edward O. Shaw 13   Marine Corps      
  Robert W. Stephens 13   Army      
  John R. Strane 13   Navy      
Major5 William L. Turner5 135 P-405, P-4005   CBI5, 20th PS5, 17th PS5    
  Wendell V. Twelves 13   Navy      
Lieutenant2 Felix D. Williamson2 132   Army 56th FG2    
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  Quince L. Brown 12.5   Army      
  Lowell K. Brueland 12.5   Army      
  David Charles "Foob" Fairbanks 12.5   RCAF      
  Kenneth D. Frazier 12.5   Marine Corps      
  James C. Stewart 12.5   Army      
  C. Weaver7 12.57   RCAF7 1857, 4037    
  Michael Brezas6 126 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Levi R. Chase 12   Army      
  Clement M. Craig 12   Navy      
  David B. Eastham 12   Army      
  Loren D. Everton 12   Marine Corps      
  George W. Gleason 12   Army      
  Leroy E. Harris 12   Navy      
  Roger R. Hedrick 12   Navy      
Major1 Howard D. Hively1 121   Army 4th FG1    
  Kenneth G. Ladd 12   Army      
  William J. Masoner, Jr. 12   Navy      
1st Lieutenant5 Robert H. Moore5, Robert W. Moore 125   Army 45th FS5/15th FG5    
  Michael J. Quirk 12   Army      
  LeRoy A. Schreiber 12   Army      
  Harold E. Segal 12   Marine Corps      
  James A. Shirley 12   Navy      
  Norman C. Skogstad 12   Army      
  William J. Sloan6 126 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  Eugene A. Trowbridge 12   Army      
  Richard E. Turner 12   Army     Includes 2 V-1s
1st Lieutenant5 James A. Watkins5 125 P-405, P-385 Army 9th FS5/49th FG5    
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
Captain1 Nicholas Megura1 11 5/61   Army 4th FG1    
  George R. Carr 11.5   Navy      
  Paul A. Conger 11.5   Army      
  Olin E. Gilbert 11.5   Army      
Lt. Colonel8 William T. Halton8 10.58, 11.5   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG8, 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  William J. Hovde 11.5   Army      
  John A. Kirla, Jr. 11.5   Army      
  William N. Snider 11.5   Marine      
  Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager 11.5   Army      
  Philip C. DeLong 11.2   Marine      
  Harold W. Bauer 11   Marine      
  John T. Blackburn 11   Navy      
  William A. Dean, Jr. 11   Navy      
  Carl M. Frantz 11   Army      
  James B. French 11   Navy      
  Robert J. Goebel 11   Army      
  Leland P. Holland 11   Army      
  Phillip L. Kirkwood 11   Navy      
  John B. Lawler 11   Army      
  Francis J. Lent 11   Army      
Major3 William L Leverette3,6 113,6 P-383,6 Army 37th FS3/14th FG3,6    
  John S. Loisel 11   Army      
  Wayne L. Lowry 11   Army      
  Charles M. Mallory 11   Navy      
  Charles M. McCorkle 11   Army      
  Norman L. McDonald 11   Army      
  Hamilton McWhorter III 11   Navy      
Major1 Pierce W. McKennon1 111, 12   Army 4th FG1    
  John W. Mitchell 11   Army      
  James V. Reber, Jr. 11   Navy      
  Elmer W. Richardson 11   Army      
  Robert H. Riddle 11   Army      
  James F. Rigg 11   Navy      
  Donald E. Runyon 11   Navy      
  Donald H. Sapp 11   Marine Corps      
  Murray Shubin 11   Army      
  Cornelius Smith, Jr. 11   Army      
  Kenneth C. Sparks 11   Army      
  Richard E. Stanbrook 11   Navy      
  Stanley W. Vejtasa 11   Navy      
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  George T. Burgard 10.75         American Volunteer Group
  Frank Q. O'Conner 10.75   Army      
  Charles F. Anderson, Jr. 10.5   Army      
  Marshall U. Beebe 10.5   Navy      
  George F. Ceulleers 10.5   Army      
Lt. Colonel1 James A. Clark1, James A. Clark, Jr. 10.51, 11.5   Army 4th FG1    
  Jack E. Conger 10.5   Marine Corps      
  George A. Doersch 10.5   Army      
  William J. Hovde 10.5   Army      
Captain8 Raymond H. Littge8 10.58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8   American Volunteer Group
  John V. Newkirk 10.5         American Volunteer Group
  Edward Rector 10.5   Army     American Volunteer Group
  Russell E. Reiserer 10.5   Navy      
  John A. Storch 10.5   Army      
  John C. Symmes 10.5   Navy      
  Robert E. Murray 10.4   Navy      
  Ralph E. Elliot 10.3   Navy      
Major1 Frederick W. Glover1, Fred W. Glover 10.31   Army 4th FG1    
Major1 Louis H. Norley1 10.31, 11.3   Army 4th FG1    
  William D. McGarry 10.25         American Volunteer Group
Captain1 Charles F. Anderson1 101     4th FG1    
1st Lieutenant5 Robert W. Aschenbrener5 105 P-405, P-385 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Frank B. Baldwin 10   Marine Corps      
  Wayne K. Blickenstaff 10   Army      
  Joseph E. Broadhead 10   Army      
  Carl A. Brown, Jr. 10   Navy      
  Thaddeus T. Coleman 10   Navy      
  William K. Giroux 10   Army      
  Walter J. Goehausen, Jr. 10   Army      
Captain5 Ernest A. Harris5 105 P-405 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Alwin M. Juchheim, Jr. 10   Army      
Captain1 Ted E. Lines1, Edward E. Lines 101   Army 4th FG1    
  Herbert H. Long 10   Marine Corps      
  Thomas H. Mann, Jr. 10   Marine Corps      
  Joseph L. Mansker 10   Army      
  Harris E. Mitchell 10   Navy      
1st Lieutenant1 Spiros N. Pisanos1 101     4th FG1    
  Robert J. Rankin 10   Army      
  Thomas H. Reidy 10   Navy      
  Andrew J. Reynolds 10   Army      
Captain1 Albert L. Schlegel1 101     4th FG1    
  Robert L. Scott, Jr. 10   Army      
  Arthur Singer, Jr. 10   Navy      
  John M. Smith 10   Navy      
  Paul M. Stanch 10   Army      
  Elliot Summer 10   Army      
  James S. Swope 10   Navy      
  Robert V. Westermark 10   Army      
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  Fletcher E. Adams 9.5   Army      
Major8 Stephen W. Andrew8 98, 9.5   Army 488th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Ernest E. Bankey, Jr. 9.5   Army      
  William M. Banks 9.5   Army      
  Leonard J. Check 9.5   Navy      
  Ernest C. Fiebelkorn 9.5   Army      
Lieutenant4 W E Henry4, William E. Henry 9.54, 12 SBD-34, F6F-5N4 Navy VF(N)-414, VS-34    
  Edmund F. Overend 9.5   Marine Corps      
1st Lieutenant5 Andrew J. Reynolds5 9.55 P-405   20th PS5, 17th PS5, 9th FS5/49th FG5    
  Dale F. Spencer 9.5   Army      
  Charles R. Bond 9.25         American Volunteer Group
2nd Lieutenant5 Stephen W. Andrew5 95 P-405   7th FS5/49th FG5, ETO5    
  Lee "Buddy" Archer 9   Army      
  Edgar R. Basset 9   Navy      
  Norman R. Berree 9   Navy      
  William R. Beyer 9   Army      
  George E. Bostwick 9   Army      
  Mark K. Bright 9   Navy      
  Paul D. Buie 9   Navy      
  Henry A. Carey, Jr. 9   Navy      
  Frederick F. Champlin 9   Army      
  Robert C. Coats 9   Navy      
  Frank J. Collins 9   Army      
  William M. Collins, Jr. 9   Navy      
  Richard L. Cormier 9   Navy      
  Louis E. Curdes6 96 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  Perry A. Dahl 9   Army      
  James B. Dalglish 9   Army      
  Jefferson J. DeBlanc 9   Marine Corps      
  Richard W. Dunkin 9   Army      
  Richard T. Eastmond 9   Navy      
  Robert A. Elder 9   Army      
  Eugene H. Emmons 9   Army      
  Grover E. Fanning 9   Army      
  Edward L. Feightner 9   Navy      
  Sylvan Feld 9   Army      
  Joseph M. Forester 9   Army      
  Marvin J. Franger 9   Navy      
  Doris C. Freeman 9   Navy      
  Kenneth W. Gallup 9   Army      
  Thomas S. Harris 9   Navy      
  Frederick R. Haviland, Jr. 9   Army      
  Allen E. Hill 9   Army      
  Frank D. Hurlbut6 96 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
Captain5 George E. Kiser5 95 P-405 Army 17th PS5, 8th FS5/49th FG5    
1st Lieutenant5 Joseph J. Lesicka5 95 P-405 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Christopher L. Magee 9   Marine Corps      
  Louis A. Menard, Jr. 9   Navy      
Captain8 Virgin K. Meroney8, Virgil K. Merony 98   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Stanley B. Morrill 9   Army      
  Lloyd J. Overfield 9   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Joel B. Paris, III5 95 P-405, P-385 Army 7th FS5/49th FG5    
  Harvey P. Picken 9   Navy      
  William N. Reed 9   Army     American Volunteer Group AVG
  Eugene D. Redmond 9   Navy      
  Donald R. Rehm, Jr. 9   Navy      
  Eugene P. Roberts 9   Army      
  Meryl M. Smith 9   Army      
  Robert T. Smith 9         American Volunteer Group
  James S. Stewart 9   Navy      
  John S. Stewart 9   Army      
  Franklin C. Thomas, Jr. 9   Marine Corps      
  Arthur VanHaren, Jr. 9   Navy      
  Benjamin F. Warmer 9   Army      
Captain5 Robert H. White5 95 P-405 Army 8th FS5/ 49th FG5    
  Judge E. Wolfe 9   Army      
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  Charles E. Watts 8.75   Navy      
  John L. Banks 8.5   Navy      
Captain1 Joseph H. Bennett1 8.51     56th FG1, 4th FG1    
  William E. Bryan, Jr. 8.5   Army      
  James B. Cain 8.5   Navy      
Captain8 Charles J. Cesky8 8.58   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Oscar I. Chenoweth 8.5   Navy      
  Arthur Chin 8.5         Chinese National Air Force
Captain8 Frank A. Cutler8 7.58, 8.5   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Carl C. Foster 8.5   Navy      
  John F. Gray 8.5   Navy      
  Everett G. Hargreaves 8.5   Navy      
2nd Lieutenant5 Thomas L. Hayes, Jr.5 8.55 P-405 Army 17th PS5, ETO5    
  John H. Hoefker 8.5   Army      
  Otto D. Jenkins 8.5   Army      
  Arthur G. Johnson 8.5   Army      
  Frank L. Lawlor 8.5         American Volunteer Group
  Gregory K. Loesch 8.5   Marine Corps      
Lieutenant8 Carl J. Luksic8 8.58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Donald McDowell 8.5   Army      
Captain1 Bernard L. McGrattan1, Bernard J. McGrattan 8.51   Army 4th FG1    
Captain8 Sanford K. Moats8 8.58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  John L. Morgan, Jr. 8.5   Marine Corps      
  George W. Pigman 8.5   Navy      
  Claude W. Plant 8.5   Navy      
  Albert L. Schlegel 8.5   Army      
  Larry R. Self 8.5   Navy      
  Franklin T. Gabriel 8.25   Navy      
  George B. McMillan 8.25   Army      
  James H. Howard 8   Army     American Volunteer Group AVG
  John M. Ainlay 8   Army      
  John R. Alison 8   Army      
  David W. Allen (USAAF) 8   Army      
  Frederick A. Bardshar 8   Navy      
  Lloyd G. Barnard 8   Navy      
  Walter G. Benz, Jr. 8   Army      
  William J. Bonneau 8   Navy      
  Robert J. Booth 8   Army      
  Roy O. Burnett, Jr. 8   Navy      
  Walter J. Carroll6, Walter J. Carroll, Jr. 86 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  William N. Case 8   Marine Corps      
  J. D. Collinsworth 8   Army      
  Arthur W. Cruikshank 8   Army      
Major1 William J. Daley1 81     RAF1, 4th FG1    
  Fernley H. Damstrom 8   Army      
  John F. Dobbin 8   Marine Corps      
  Landis E. Doner 8   Navy      
  Frederick J. Dorsch 8   Army      
  Walter F. Duke 8   Army      
  William C. Edens 8   Army      
  John L. Elder 8   Army      
  Eric A. Evenson 8   Navy      
  Arthur C. Fielder, Jr. 8   Army      
  Francis M. Fleming 8   Navy      
  James M. Fowle 8   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 William A. Gardner5 85 P-405, P-385 Army 35th FS5/8th FG5    
Captain5 Frank L. Gaunt5, Frank Gaunt 85 P-405 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Francis R. Gerard 8   Army      
  Clement D. Gile 8   Navy      
  Maxwell H. Glenn 8   Army      
  Mathew M. Gordon 8   Army      
  Richard J. Griffin 8   Navy      
  Leroy V. Grosshuesch 8   Army      
  Fred E. Gutt 8   Marine Corps      
  Mayo A. Hadden, Jr. 8   Navy      
  Frederick A. Harris 8   Army      
  Kenneth F. Hart 8   Army      
  Edwin J. Herman, Jr.; Edwin J. Hernan, Jr. 8   Marine Corps      
  George L. Hollowell 8   Marine Corps      
  Jack M. Ilfrey6, Jack E. Ilfrey 86 P-386 Army 1st FG6, 20th FG6    
  Michael J. Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson 8   Army      
  John L. Jones 8   Army      
  Bryon M. Johnson 8   Navy      
  John M. Johnson 8   Navy      
Lt. Colonel1 Claiborne Kinnard1, Claiborne H. Kinnard 81   Army 355th FG1, 4th FG1    
  Charles M. Kunz 8   Marine Corps      
  Joseph L. Kunz 8   Marine Corps      
  William N. Leonard 8   Navy      
  William H. Lewis 8   Army      
  Elvin L. Lindsay 8   Navy      
  Thomas E. Maloney6 86 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  William R. Maxwell 8   Navy      
  Earl May, Jr. 8   Navy      
Major1 Carroll W. McColpin1 81     RAF1, 9th AF1, 4th FG1    
  Johnnie G. Miller 8   Navy      
  William W. Momyer 8   Army      
  Douglas W. Mulcahey 8   Navy      
  Alva C. Murphy 8   Army      
  Joseph L. Narr 8   Marine Corps      
  George P. Novotny 9   Army      
  John G. O'Neill 8   Army      
  Edward M. Owen 8   Navy      
  Nathan T. Post 8   Marine Corps      
  Luther D. Prater, Jr. 8   Navy      
Lieutenant4 R L Reiserer4 84 F4F-44, F6F-3N4   VF(N)-764, VF-104    
  Edward F. Roddy 8   Army      
  Robert R. Rowland 8   Army      
  Philip Sangermano (FO) 8   Army      
  Charles W. Sawyer 8   Army     American Volunteer Group AVG
  Glenn D. Schiltz Jr. 8   Army      
  David A. Scott 8, 9   Navy      
  Dale E. Shafer 8   Army      
  Robert M. Shaw 8   Army      
Captain3 William Shomo3, William A. Shomo 83 F-63, P-393, P-403, P-513 Army 82nd TRS3/71st TRG3 Congressional Medal of Honor3  
  Robert H. Smith 8   Army      
  Gordon A. Stanley 8   Navy      
Major5 Arland Stanton5 85 P-405 Army 7th FS5/49th FG5    
  John L. Sublett 8   Army      
  James B. Tapp 8   Army      
  Phillip E. Tovrea6 86 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  James O. Tyler 8   Army      
  John W. Vogt, Jr. 8   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Boyd D. Wagner5, Boyd D. "Buzz" Wagner 85 P-405, P-385 Army 17th PS5/24th PG5   1st P-40 Ace5
  Victor E. Warford 8   Army      
  Arthur T. Warner 8   Marine Corps      
  Charles E. Weaver 8   Army      
  Theodore H. Winters, Jr. 8   Navy      
  Donald K. Yost 8   Marine Corps      
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  R. O. Jones7 7 5/67   RCAF7 1267    
Captain1 Joseph L. Lang1 7 5/61   Army 4th FG1    
Lt. Colonel8, Colonel1 Everett M. Stewart8, Everett W. Stewart1 7 5/61,8   Army 352nd FG1, 328th FS8 / 355th FG1,8, 4th FG1,8    
Ensign4 J S Berkheimer4 7.54     VF(N)-414    
  Howard M. Burriss 7.5   Navy      
  J. H. Curry7 7.57   RCAF7 6017    
  Kenneth J. Dahms 7.5   Navy      
Captain8 Henry J. Miklajcyk8 7.58   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
1st Lieutenant1 Vermont Garrison1 7.31     4th FG1    
  James M. Morris6 7.36 P-386   20th FG6    
  William Y Anderson, William Anderson 7   Army     Swedish
Major1 Gregory A. Daymond1 71     RAF1, 4th FG1    
Lt (jg)4 J W Dear, Jr.4 74     VF(N)-764    
  Robert A. Dibb 7   Navy      
Lt (jg)4 F L Dungan4 74     VF(N)-764    
  Gordon M. Graham 7   Army      
  A A Harrington4 74 Mosquito XXX4   410 Squadron RCAF4    
Captain5 William J. Hennon5 75 P-405   17th PS5, 7th FS5/49th FG5    
Lt. Colonel8 Willie O. Jackson8 78   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Claude R. Kinsey6 76 P-386   82nd FG6    
  Ward A. Kuentzel6 76 P-386   82nd FG6    
  Lawrence P. Liebers6 76 P-386   82nd FG6    
Captain5 Grant M. Mahoney5 75 P-405, P-515   CBI5, 3rd PS5/4th PG5, 17th PS5   KIA5
  Bert W. Marshall, Jr. 7   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 James B. Morehead5 75 P-405   17th PS5, 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Edward "Butch" O'Hare 7   Navy      
Colonel1 Chesley G. Peterson1 71     RAF1, 4th FG1    
Flight Officer5 Sammy A. Pierce5 75 P-405   8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Herbert E. Ross6 76 P-386   14th FG6    
  Meldrum L. Sears6 76 P-386   1st FG6    
Captain5 Lucien B. Shuler5 75 P-405   44th FS5/18th FG5    
Major4 C C Smith4 74 P-384, P-614   418th NFS4    
Major8 Walter E. Starck8 78   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Harley C. Vaughn6 76 P-386   82nd FG6    
  Edward T. Waters6 76 P-386   82nd FG6    
Captain5 Elmer M. Wheadon5 75 P-405   44th FS5/18th FG5    
Major5, Lt. Colonel1 Sidney Woods1, Sidney S. Woods5, Sydney S. Woods 71,5 P-405 Army 9th FS5/49th FG5, 479th FG1, 49th FG1, 4th FG1    
  Robert E. Woody 7   Army      
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
2nd Lieutenant5 John B. Murphy5 6.755 P-405   11th FS5/343rd FG5, ETO5    
1st Lieutenant5 Joseph J. Kruzel5 6.55 P-405   17th PS5, ETO5    
1st Lieutenant1 Paul S. Riley1 6.51     4th FG1    
  Charles E. Adams6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
Captain4 R Baird4 64 F6F-5N4   VMF(N)-5334    
  Henry S. Bille 6   Army      
  Lawrence E. Blumer6 66 P-386   367th FG6    
2nd Lieutenant5 Harry W. Brown5 65 P-405, P-385 Army 47th PS5/15th PG5    
  Richard A. Campbell6 66 P-386   14th FG6    
Captain1 Raymond C. Care1 61     4th FG1    
Captain1 Kendall E. Carlson1 61     4th FG1    
  Ray Crawford6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
1st Lieutenant5 Elliott E. Dent, Jr.5 65 P-405, P-385   7th FS5/49th FG5    
1st Lieutenant5 William C. Drier5 65 P-405, P-385   8th FS5/49th FG5    
  C E Edinger4 64 Mosquito XXX4   410 Squadron RCAF4    
Lt. Colonel1 Roy W. Evans1 61     359th FG1, 4th FG1    
1st Lieutenant5 Lee R. Everhart5 65 P-405, P-385   35th FS5/8th FG5    
  James W. Griffiss6 66 P-386   1st FG6    
1st Lieutenant5 James P. Hagerstrom5 65 P-405   8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Fred R. Haviland, Jr. 6   Army      
  James D. Holloway6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
1st Lieutenant5 Robert L. Howard5 65 P-405   8th FS5/49th FG5    
Captain1 David W. Howe1 61     4th FG1    
  Donald D. Kienholz6 66 P-386   1st FG6    
Major1 Henry L. Mills1 61     4th FG1    
  Norman W. Mollard 6   Navy      
Lt. Colonel1 Jack J. Oberhansly1 61     78th FG1, 4th FG1    
  Norman E. Olson 6   Army      
Ensign4 J Orth4 64     VF-94    
1st Lieutenant5 Donald W. Meuten5 65 P-405   8th FS5/49th FG5   MIA5
  Armour C. Miller6 66 P-386   1st FG6    
  William J. Schildt6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
2nd Lieutenant5 Arthur E. Wenige5 65 P-405, P-385   9th FS5/49th FG5    
1st Lieutenant1 William E. Whalen1 61   Army 355th FG1, 4th FG1    
  Thomas A. White6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
1st Lieutenant5 Lynn E. Witt, Jr.5 65 P-405, P-385   35th FS5/8th FG5    
Captain5 Ellis W. Wright, Jr.5 65 P-405   49th FG HQ5    
  Charles J. Zubarik6 66 P-386   82nd FG6    
Rank Name Victories Planes Branch Units Awards Notes
  Norman J. Fortier 5.83   Army      
  Walter J. Koraleski 5.54   Army      
  Gordon B. Compton 5.5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Magnus W. Francis5 5.55 P-405   44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Lindol F. Graham6 5.56 P-386   20th FG6    
Captain8 Edwin L. Heller8 5.58   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
Captain8 Francis W. Horne8 5.58   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Charles W. Lenfest 5.5   Army      
  Leslie D. Minchew 5.5   Army      
Lt (jg)4 R J Humphrey4 5.34     VF-174    
1st Lieutenant1 Hipolitus T. Biel1 5.31     4th FG1    
  James E. Duffy, Jr 5.2   Army      
  Robert W. Abernathy 5   Army      
  Fred T. Ackerman 5   Navy      
  Oliver L. Adair 5   Army      
  Robert H. Adams (USAAF) 5   Army      
2nd Lieutenant5 Frank E. Adkins5 55 P-405, P-395   17th PS5, ETO5    
  John W. Agnew 5   Army      
2nd Lieutenant5 David W. Allen5 55 P-405, P-385   7th FS5/49th FG5    
  William H. Allen (USAAF) 5   Army      
  Stuart C. Alley, Jr. 5   Marine Corps      
  Ernest J. Ambort 5   Army      
  Robert H. Ammon 5   Army      
  Benjamin C. Amsden 5   Navy      
  Leslie E. Anderson6 56 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  Richard H. Anderson (USAAF) 5   Army      
  Lester L. Arasmith 5   Army      
  William E. Aron 5   Army      
  Richard W. Asbury 5   Army      
  Abner M. Aust 5   Army      
  Eugene D. Axtell 5   Army      
  Donald A. Baccus 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Jack A. Bade5 55 P-405 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Oscar C. Bailey 5   Navy      
  Raphael F. Baird 5   Army      
  Donald L. Balch 5   Marine Corps      
  Robert P. Baldwin 5   Army      
  Raymond W. Bank 5   Army      
  Bruce M. Barackman 5   Navy      
  Rex T. Barber 5   Army      
  Robert M. Barkey 5   Army      
  Truman S. Barnes 5   Army      
Lt Colonel3 Robert L. Baseler3 53 P-473   319th FS3/325th FG3    
  Albert Baumler 5   Army      
  Aaron L. Bearden 5   Army      
  Edward H. Beavers Jr 5   Army      
  Louis Benne6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Jack S. Berkheimer 5   Navy      
  Richard L. Bertelson 5   Navy      
  James D. Billo 5   Navy      
  Lewis S. Bishop 5         American Volunteer Group
  Walter D. Bishop 5   Navy      
  Foster J. Blair 5   Navy      
  William K. Blair 5   Navy      
  Richard B. Blaydes 5   Navy      
  Victor E. Bocquin 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant4 R G Bolinder4 54 P-614   422nd NFS4    
  John W. Bolyard 5   Army      
  Robert R. Bonebrake 5   Army      
  Robert R. Bonner Jr 5   Army      
  Guy P. Bordelon 5   Navy      
  Clarence A. Borley 5   Navy      
Captain8 Ernest O. Bostrom8 58   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Wilbur L. Bowen 5   Army      
  Fred E. Bowker 5   Army      
  John L. Bradley 5   Army      
  Richard L. Braun 5   Marine Corps      
Major1 Gerald C. Brown1, Gerald Brown6, Gerald A. Brown 51,6 P-386 Army 55th FG1,6, 4th FG1    
  Jasper R. Brown 5   Army      
  Paul J. Bruneau 5   Navy      
  Robert L. Buchanan 5   Navy      
  Robert G. Burns 5   Army      
  Robert L. Buttke6 56 P-386, P-516   55th FG6    
Captain5 Robert C. Byrnes5, Robert L. Byrnes 55 P-405 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5    
  John B. Carder 5   Army      
  William A. Carlton 5   Marine Corps      
  Nial K. Castle 5   Army      
  Henry K. Champion 5   Navy      
2nd Lieutenant5 George T. Chandler5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
Lieutenant1 Van E. Chandler1 51   Army 4th FG1    
  Joseph J. Cielinski 5   Army      
  Arthur B. Cleaveland 5   Army      
  Donald C. Clements 5   Navy      
  Robert E. Clements 5   Navy      
  Dallas A. Clinger 5   Army      
  Vivian A. Cloud 5   Army      
  Paul R. Cochran6 56 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  William F. Collins 5   Army      
  Philip E. Colman 5   Army      
  Harold E. Comstock 5   Army      
  Harry L. Condon 5   Army      
  Leland R. Cornell 5   Navy      
  Merle M. Coons 5   Army      
  Ralph L. Cox 5   Army      
  Niven K. Cranfill 5   Army      
  William F. Crombie 5   Army      
  John O. Cross 5   Army      
  Omer W. Culbertson 5   Army      
  William J. Cullerton 5   Army      
  Arthur C. Cundy 5   Army      
  Warren D. Curton 5   Army      
  William A. Daniel 5   Army      
  Clarence E. Davies 5   Navy      
Captain8 Clayton E. Davis8 58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Leonard K. Davis 5   Marine Corps      
1st Lieutenant5 William C. Day, Jr.5 55 P-405 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  George E. Dawkins, Jr. 5   Marine Corps      
  Richard S. Deakins 5   Army      
  George Della 5   Army      
  Reuben H. Denoff 5   Navy      
1st Lieutenant5 Frederick E. Dick5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 7th FS5/49th FG5    
  Michael Dikovitsky 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 I. B. Jack Donalson5 55 P-405   21st PS5/24th PG5, 9th FS5/49th FG5    
  Harry W. Dorris 5   Army      
  Cecil J. Doyle 5   Marine Corps      
  Charles W. Drake 5   Marine Corps      
  Daniel B. Driscoll 5   Navy      
  Willie Driscoll 5   Navy      
  Francis E. Dubisher 5   Army      
  Charles H. Dubois 5   Army      
  James E. Duffy 5   Navy      
  Richard E. Duffy 5   Army      
Lt Colonel1 Selden R. Edner1 51     RAF1, 4th FG1    
  Joseph L. Egen Jr 5   Army      
  Hugh M. Elwood 5   Marine Corps      
  James W. Empey 5   Army      
  Lyle A. Erickson 5   Navy      
  Herman E. Ernst 5   Army      
  Charles D. Farmer 5   Navy      
  Robert A. Farnsworth, Jr. 5   Navy      
  William Farrell 5   Marine Corps      
  Richard D. Faxon 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Marion C. Felts5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  James E. Fenex Jr 5   Army      
  William Fiedler 5   Army      
  Virgil C. Fields Jr 5   Army      
  Howard J. Finn 5   Marine Corps      
  Charles R. Fischette 5   Army      
  Rodney W. Fisher6 56 P-386   1st FG6    
  Harry E. Fisk 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Nelson D. Flack, Jr.5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 8th FS5/49th FG5    
  Kenneth A. Flinn 5   Navy      
  Ralph E. Foltz 5   Navy      
  Paul J. Fontana 5   Marine Corps      
  Claude E. Ford 5   Army      
  Kenneth M. Ford 5   Marine Corps      
  George Formanek, Jr. 5   Navy      
  Dwight B. Galt 5   Navy      
  Warner F. Gardner 5   Army      
  Noel A. Gayler 5   Navy      
  Steven N. Gerick 5   Army      
  Grover D. Ghelson 5   Army      
  Robert D. Gibb 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Cyrus R. Gladen5 55 P-405 Army 44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Lindley W. Godson 5   Navy      
  Norman D. Gould 5   Army      
  Robert F. Graham 5   Army      
  Hayden A. "Buck" Gregory, Hayden A. Gregory 5   Navy      
  Robert C. Griffith 5   Army      
  William Grosvenor Jr 5   Army      
  Cheatham W. Gupton 5   Army      
  Albert E. Hacking 5   Marine Corps      
  James P. Hagerstrom 6   Army      
  Samuel E. Hammer 5   Army      
  Harry T. Hanna6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Christopher J. Hansenman 5   Army      
  Walter R. Harman 5   Navy      
  Thomas L. Harris 5   Army      
  Raymond E. Hartley 5   Army      
  Herbert B. Hatch6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Charles D. Hauver 5   Army      
  Russell C. Haworth 5   Army      
  Frank R. Hayde 5   Navy      
  Franck C. Hearrell 5   Navy      
  Charles F. Held Jr 5   Army      
  Paul M. Henderson, Jr. 5   Navy      
  Randall W. Hendricks 5   Army      
  James E. Hill 5   Army      
  Donald E. Hillman 5   Army      
  Kenneth G. Hippe 5   Navy      
  Edwin M. Hiro 5   Army      
  Myron M. Hnatio 5   Army      
  John B. Hoag 5   Navy      
  William R. Hodges 5   Army      
  Cullen J. Hoffman 5   Army      
  Louis Hoffman 5         American Volunteer Group
1st Lieutenant5 A. T. House, Jr.5 55 P-405   7th FS5/ 49th FG5    
  Edward R. Hoyt 5   Army      
  Mark E. Hubbard 5   Army      
  Howard R. Hudson 5   Navy      
  Alvaro J. Hunter 5   Army      
  Joseph W. Icard 5   Army      
  Julius W. Ireland 5   Marine Corps      
  Clayton M. Isaacson 5   Army      
  Hayden M. Jensen 5   Navy      
  Kenneth A. Jernstedt 5         American Volunteer Group
Captain8 Clarence O. Johnson6,8 56, 78 P-386, P-516 Army 487th FS8 / 479th FG6,8, 82nd FG6    
  Evan M. Johnson 5   Army      
  Wallace R. Johnson 5   Navy      
  Curran L. Jones 5   Army      
Captain1 Frank C. Jones1 51   Army 4th FG1    
  Lynn F. Jones 5   Army      
  Warren L. Jones6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Joseph W. Jorda 5   Army      
  William M. Julian 5   Army      
  Charles H. Laughlin 5         American Volunteer Group
1st Lieutenant5 Lowell C. Lutton5 55 P-405, P-385   9th FS5/49th FG5   KIA5
  Charles Kendrick 5   Marine Corps      
  Daniel Kennedy6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Robert H. Kidwell 5   Navy      
  Melvin B. Kimball 5   Army      
  John R. Kincaid 5   Navy      
  Charles W. King 5   Army      
  David L. King 5   Army      
  Marion F. Kirby 5   Army      
  Lenton F. Kirkland6 56 P-386 Army 474th FG6    
  Robert H. Knapp 5   Army      
  Carroll S. Knott6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
1st Lieutenant4 E H Kopsel4, Edward H. Kopsel 54 P-614 Army 422nd NFS4    
  William J. Kostic 5   Navy      
  Wayne W. Laird 5   Marine Corps      
  William E. Lamoreaux 5   Navy      
  Richard C. Lampe 5   Army      
  Willis Laney 5   Navy      
  Ned W. Langdon 5   Navy      
  Thomas G. Lanphier 5   Army      
  Franklin C. Lathrope6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  George Laven 5   Army      
Captain8 Earl R. Lazear, Jr.8 58   Army 486th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Harold K. Lee 5   Army      
  Richard J. Lee6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Marlow J. Leikness6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Charles W. Lenfest 5   Army      
  Jack Lenox6, Jack Lenox Jr 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  John A. Leppla 5   Navy      
  Alfred B. Lewelling 5   Army      
  Brooks J. Liles 5   Army      
  Hugh D. Lillie 5   Navy      
  James W. Little 5   Army      
  Charles P. London 5   Army      
  Donald Lopez 5   Army      
  George G. Loving Jr 5   Army      
  J F Luma4, John F. Luma 54 Mosquito FB VI4 Army 418 Squadron RCAF4    
  Lowell C. Lutton 5   Army      
  John A. Mackay6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Evan D. MacMinn 5   Army      
  Morton D. Magoffin 5   Army      
  Keith Mahon 5   Army      
  Jackson C. Mankin 5   Army      
  Lee P. Mankin 5   Navy      
  Harry A. March, Jr. 5   Navy      
  Lester C. Marsh 5   Army      
  Albert E. Martin, Jr. 5   Navy      
  Kenneth R. Martin 5   Army      
Colonel8 Joseph L. Mason8 58   Army 352nd FG8    
  William H. Mathis 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant5 Henry E. Matson5 55 P-405   44th FS5/18th FG5    
  Joseph Z. Matte 5   Army      
  Chester K. Maxwell 5   Army      
  Benjamin I. Mayo 5   Army      
  Paul G. McArthur 5   Army      
  T. H. McArthur6 56 P-386   82nd FG6    
  Henry A. McCartney, Jr. 5   Marine Corps      
  Leo B. McCudden 5   Navy      
  William F. McDownough 5   Army      
  James N. McElroy 5   Army      
  John L. McGinn 5   Army      
  Selva E. McGinty 5   Marine Corps      
  Samuel E. McGuffin 5   Army      
  John W. McGuyrt6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Donald J. McKinley 5   Navy      
Major1 Michael G. H. McPharlin1 51     RAF1, 339th FG1, 4th FG1    
  Donald M. McPherson 5   Navy      
  George L. Merritt Jr 5   Army      
  Frederick H. Michaelis 5   Navy      
  Everett Miller6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Joseph E. Miller6 56 P-386 Army 474th FG6, 14th FG6    
  Robert C. Milliken6 56 P-386 Army 474th FG6    
  Charles Milton 5   Navy      
  Arthur P. Mollenhaurer 5   Navy      
  Franklin H. Monk 5   Army      
  Robert H. Moore 5   Army      
  Paul V. Morriss 5   Army      
  Arthur H. Munson 5   Navy      
  Jennings S. Myers 5   Army      
  Raymond B. Myers 5   Army      
  Joseph R. Myshrall 5   Army      
  Leslie D. Nelson 5   Army      
  Robert J. Nelson 5   Navy      
Captain5 Franklin A. Nichols5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 7th FS5/49th FG5    
  Edward M. Nollmeyer 5   Army      
  Marbin R. Novak 5   Navy      
  Jack G. Oberhansky 5   Army      
  Frank O'Brien Jr 5   Army      
  Eugene W. O'Neill Jr 5   Army      
  Lawrence F. O'Neill 5   Army      
  Edwin L. Olander 5   Marine Corps      
  Austin L. Olsen 5   Navy      
1st Lieutenant4 B Orzel4 54 P-614   422nd NFS4    
  Ernest K. Osher6 56 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  Robert J. Overcash 5   Army      
  Edward W. Overton, Jr. 5   Navy      
  Joel A. Owens6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Melvyn R. Paisley 5   Army      
  Forrest F. Parham 5   Army      
  Edsel Paulk 5   Army      
  Oscar F. Perdomo 5   Army      
  John Petach 5         American Volunteer Group
  David P. Philips III 5   Navy      
  Edward A. Phillips 5   Navy      
  Hyde Phillips 5   Marine Corps      
2nd Lieutenant5 Kenneth R. Pool5 55 P-405, P-385 Army 35th FS5/8th FG5    
  Edward S. Popek 5   Army      
Major4 R B Porter4, Robert B. Porter 54 F4U-14, F6F-5N4 Marine Corps VMF(N)-5424, VMF-1214    
  George H. Poske 5   Marine Corps      
  Ernest A. Powell 5   Marine Corps      
  MacArthur Powers 5   Army      
  Jack C. Price 5   Army      
  Royce W. Priest 5   Army      
  Roger C. Pryor 5   Army      
  Donald L. Quigley 5   Army      
  Robert J. Raines 5   Army     American Volunteer Group AVG
  Orvin H. Ramlo 5   Marine Corps      
  WIlliam C. Reese 5   Army      
  Joseph E. Reulet 5   Navy      
  Thomas W. Rhodes 5   Navy      
  Vincent A. Rieger 5   Navy      
Lieutenant8 Alden P. Rigby8 58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Andrew Ritchey 5   Army      
  Newell O. Roberts6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Leroy W. Robinson 5   Navy      
  Ross F. Robinson 5   Navy      
  Franklin Rose 5   Army      
  Gerald L. Rounds6 56 P-386 Army 82nd FG6    
  Henry S. Rudolph 5   Army      
  William A. Rynne 5   Army      
  Hartwell V. Scarborough 5   Marine Corps      
  Thomas D. Schank 5   Army      
  Gordon E. Schecter 5   Navy      
  John L. Schell 5   Navy      
  Raymond Scherer 5   Marine Corps      
  James F. Schilke 5   Army      
  Louis Schriber 5   Army      
Captain8 Duerr H. Schuh8 58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Robert B. Schultz 5   Army      
  Harry H. Sealey 5   Army      
Captain8 Alexander F. Sears8 58   Army 487th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Robert B. See 5   Marine Corps      
  Robert K. Seidman6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Charles A. Shields 5   Navy      
  Lester H. Sipes 5   Navy      
  Frank Sistrunk 5   Navy      
  Jack R. Smith 5   Army      
Lieutenant4 K D Smith4, Kenneth D. Smith 54 F6F4 Navy VF(N)-904, VF-824    
Captain1 Kenneth G. Smith1, Kenneth B. Smith 51   Army 4th FG1    
  Paul A. Smith 5   Army      
  Virgil H. Smith6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Irl V. Sonner, Jr. 5   Navy      
  James J. Southerland 5   Navy      
  Clyde P. Spitler 5   Navy      
Captain8 William J. Stangel8 58   Army 328th FS8 / 352nd FG8    
  Morris A. Stanley 5   Army      
  Edgar E. Stebbins 5   Navy      
  Edward J. Stefanski 5   Army      
  Raymond D. Stehle 5   Army      
  Carl V. Stone 5   Navy      
  Johnnie C. Strange 5   Navy      
  Richard C. Suehr 5   Army      
  Charles P. Sullivan 5   Army      
  Robert C. Sutcliffe 5   Army      
  John F. Sutherland 5   Navy      
  John F. Swinburne, Jr. 5   Navy      
  William J. Sykes 5   Army      
  Stanley Synar 5   Marine Corps      
  Oliver B. Taylor6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  William W. Taylor 5   Navy      
  Robert D. Thompson 5   Army      
1st Lieutenant4 R E Tierney4, Robert E. Tierney 54 P-614 Army 422nd NFS4    
  John A. Tilley 5   Army      
  Edward W. Toaspern 5   Navy      
  John W. Topliff 5   Navy      
  Harrison B. Tordoff 5   Army      
  Ross E. Torkelson 5   Navy      
  Eugene P. Townsend 5   Navy      
Captain5 Clifford H. Troxell5 55 P-405, P-385, P-395 Army 8th FG HQ5    
  Peter J. Van Der Linden 5   Navy      
  Rudolph D. Van Dyke 5   Navy      
1st Lieutenant5 Robert H. Vaught5, Robert H. Vaught Jr. 55 P-405, P-385 Army 9th FS5/49th FG5    
  Herman W. Visscher6 56 P-386   82nd FG6    
  John E. Vogt 5   Army      
  Horace Q. Waggoner 5   Army      
  Walter B. Walker Jr. 5   Army      
  Lyttleton T. Ward 5   Navy      
  Jack R. Warren 5   Army      
  Ralph J. Watson 5   Army      
  Sidney W. Weatherford6, Sidney W. Wheatherford 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Willard J. Webb 5   Army      
  Gregory J. Weissenberger 5   Marine Corps      
  Darrell G. Welch6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  Albert P. Welles 5   Marine Corps      
  Robert G. West 5   Navy      
  Harry S. West 5   Navy      
  John H. White (USAAF) 5   Army      
  David C. Wilhelm 5   Army      
  Paul H. Wilkins6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Cullerton William J. 5   Army      
  Russell D. Williams 5   Army      
  William F. Wilson 5   Army      
  Robert A. Winston 5   Navy      
  Ralph L. Wire 5   Army      
  Lee V. Wiseman6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  John L. Wolford6 56 P-386 Army 1st FG6    
  George L. Wrenn 5   Navy      
  Max J. Wright6 56 P-386 Army 14th FG6    
  Vasseure F. Wynn 5   Army     Royal Air Force RAF
  Robert R. Yaeger Jr. 5   Army      
  Robert M. York 5   Army      
  Michael R. Yunck 5   Marine Corps      


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