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Soviet Union's Ilyushin Il-10 Shturmovik close support, ground attack


The Ilyushin Il-10 Shturmovik was designed to replace the Il-2.1 Sergei Vladimirovich Ilyushin designed the Il-10.2

There were two designs that came out of the Ilyushin Design Bureau.1 The Il-8 resembled the Il-2 with a Mikulin AM-42 engine.1 It also had new wings, horizontal tail surfaces, and undercarriage.1,2

The Il-10 was smaller and more streamlined.1 It also used the more powerful Mikulin AM-42 engine.1 The cockpit was improved for the crew as armor was added.1,2 The undercarriage was also modified.1 It was more maneuverable and had better performance.1


The Il-8 and Il-10 prototypes each flew in April 1944.1,2


Production began in October 1944.1 The last Il-10 was delivered in 1955.1

  • Ilyushin Il-10: 4,9661
    • Soviet Union1
  • B-33, CB-33: ~2,0001
    • by Avia in Czechoslovakia1


  • Ilyushin Il-10: Main version.1
  • Ilyushin Il-10M: Postwar version that had new wing.1 The fuselage was longer.1 It could also carry more fuel.1
  • Ilyushin Il-10U: Trainer.1
  • B-33: Avia produced Il-10.1
  • CB-33: Avia produced Il-10U.1


The Il-10 was first used operationally in February 1945.1 By May 1945 the Il-10 had replaced the Il-2s in many regiments.1

The Il-10 was used against the Japanese in Manchuria and Korea in August 1945.1

Post World War II

The Il-10 was supplied to Albania, Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, North Korea, and Romania.2

North Korea used them in the Korean War.1,2


  Ilyushin Il-10 Shturmovik1,2
Type Attack2, Ground attack1
Crew 21,2
Engine (Type) Mikulin AM.422
Mikulin AM-421
Cylinders V 121,2
HP 2,0001,2
Propeller blades 31
Fuel capacity  
Span 43' 11.5"1, 45' 7"2
13.4 m1
Length 36' 9"1, 40'2
11.2 m1
Height 11' 6"1,2
3.5 m1
Wing area  
Empty 9,920 lb1
4,500 kg1
Loaded 13,968 lb2, 14,409 lb1
6,536 kg1
Speed at sea level 311 mph1
500 kph1
Speed @ 7,875' /
2,400 m
329 mph1
529 kph1
Speed @ 9,180' 311 mph2
Cruising speed  
Climb to 9,840' /
3,000 m
5 minutes1
Service ceiling 23,795'1
7,250 m1
Range 497 miles1
800 km1
Wings 2: 7.62 mm MG1
2 or 4: 20 mm1
OR 2 or 4: 23 mm1
Rear cockpit 1: 12.7 mm MG1
1: 20 mm1
Wing - racks - bombs 2,205 lb1
1,000 kg1
Wing - racks - rockets 8: 82 mm1
OR 8: 132 mm1


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