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Poland's PZL P-37, attack bomber


The P-37 was manufactured by Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze (PZL).1


The military gave permission for the construction of three prototypes in April 1935.1 The first prototype, the P-37/I, flew at the end of June 1936.1


The PZL P-37 was not given priority for construction.1 An order for 30 P-37As was placed.1

An order for 150 P-37Bs was placed but due to the Polish military wanting more fighters, the order was reduced to 100.1 70 were delivered by September 1939.1

  • P-37B: 361


  • P-37/I: 1st prototype.1 Pegasus engine (873 HP).1
  • P-37/II: 2nd prototype.1 Pegasus engine (925 HP).1
  • P-37A (first 10 produced): Had single tail fin.1
  • P-37A (next 20 produced): Had twin tail fins.1
  • P-37B: The canopy and landing gear were modified.1
  • P-49: Had 1,600 HP engines.1 A prototype was being constructed but it was destroyed by the Germans.1


Air Shows

At the Belgrade and Paris air shows in 1938 the P-37A was presented and impressed many.1 Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey, and Yugoslavia placed orders for 75.1 None of the orders were filled as World War II started in September 1939.1


  PZL P-37B1
Type Attack1
Crew 41
Engine (Type) 2: PZL-Bristol Pegasus XX1
Cylinders Radial 91
Cooling Air1
Net HP 918 each1
Propeller blades  
Span 58' 10"1
17.93 m1
Length 42' 5"1
12.92 m1
Height 16' 8"1
5.08 m1
Wing area  
Loaded 18,872 lb1
8,560 kg1
Speed @ 11,154' /
3,400 m
276 mph1
445 kph1
Service ceiling 19,680'1
6,000 m1
Range 932 miles1
1,500 km1
Armament 3: MG1
Bombs 5,688 lb1
2,580 kg1


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