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Italy's Reggiane Re. 2005 fighter
Nickname: Sagittario (archer)


  • Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario fighter
  • Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario fighter



The Reggiane Re.2005 was an improvement upon the Re.2002. The wings were the same but the fuselage was altered. It was found that at the rear of the fuselage there was a structural weakness that resulted in the Re.2005s being grounded until the fault was corrected.


The Fiat RA.1050 RC 58 Tifone engine of the Re.2005 was a copy of the Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1.


The tail wheel was retractable.

The main wheels retracted outwards.


The prototype was ready in December 1941, but it took an additional four months to get the engine. The original engine was sent from Germany bus disappeared in transit. The Re.2005 prototype first flew on May 9, 1942 / May 10, 1942 / September 1942.


In February 1943, 750 were ordered by the Italian Air Force.

300 were in stages of construction but weren't finished.

  • Total: 29, 37, 48
  • Manufacturer: Officine Meccaniche Reggiane S.p.A.


Saw use in the defense of Sicily, Naples, and Rome. Some were later seen over Berlin and Bucharest.

The First Unit

The first unit to receive the Re.2005 was the 362nd Squadron of the 22nd Group. They went to Sicily and were based at Capua from June until August 26, 1943.

German Use

Thirteen Re.2005s were captured and used by the Germans against Allied bombing raids in 1943. Some were seen defending the oil fields in Romania.


  Reggiane Re.2005
Type Fighter, Fighter bomber
Crew 1
Engine (Type) Fiat RA.1050 R.C Tifone piston
Daimler-Benz DB 605
Daimler Benz DB 605A
Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1
Cylinders In-line, V 12, Inverted V 12
Cooling Liquid
HP 1,475
Propeller blades 3
Span 36' 1", 36 1.1"
11 m
Length 28' 7.7", 28' 8"
8.73 m
Height 10' 4"
3.15 m
Wing area 219.59 sq ft , 220 sq ft
20.4 sq m
Empty 5,720 lb, 5,732 lb
2,600 kg
Loaded 7,832 lb, 7,848 lb, 7,970 lb
3,560 kg
Speed 390 mph
630 kph
Speed @ 22,802' /
6,560 m
391 mph, 421 mph
630 kph
Climb to 6,562' /
2,000 m
1.58 minutes
Service ceiling 39,993', 39,400'
12,000 m, 12,190 m
Range 775 miles, 780 miles, 786 miles
1,250 km, 1,265 km
Armament 2: 12.7 mm MG
3: 20 mm
Bombs 1,389 lb
630 kg


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