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Italy's Macchi MC.205 Veltro; Macchi C.205; Macchi M.C.205 fighter
Veltro (Greyhound)


Macchi MC.205 fighter:
Italy's Macchi MC.205 fighter


The Macchi C.205 was an upgraded C.202. The M.C.205 had radiators on the sides of the engine housing, whereas the M.C.202 had a radiator underneath.


The Fiat RA.1050 RC58 Tifone "Typhoon" engine was a license built Daimler-Benz 605A-1.


The Macchi M.C.205 was the first to have 20 mm cannons in the wings.


The C.205 prototype was converted from a C.202 and first flew on April 19, 1942. The prototype was much better than the C.202 and was ordered into production.

The C.205N Orione prototype first flew on November 1, 1942. The second flew in May 1943. Orders of 1,200 were placed but due to Italy's position in 1943 none were produced.


Air raids stopped production in May 1944.

  • Macchi C.205V: 289
  • Macchi C.205N Orione: 2
  • Macchi M.C.205:
    • Production: October 1942 - September 1943: ~200
    • Production: September 1943 - Spring 1944: 112
  • Manufacturer: Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A.


  • Macchi C.205N Orione: High altitude version. Longer wing span. Fuselage was modified.


Italy and Germany used the C.205.

Delayed Use

It wasn't until mid 1943 that the C.205 was first in service due to engine supplies and industrial problems.

66 were in use by the time of Italy's surrender in September 1943.

First Use

In July 1943 the C.205s were first used over Sicily and southern Italy.

German Use

Approximately 25 served with a Luftwaffe Gruppe in 1943 - 1944.


The Republican Socialist Italian Air Force (RSIAF) used about 140 C.205s on the side of the Germans.

Allied Use

The Allies used 34 of the M.C.205s after the armistice, primarily in Yugoslavia.

Post World War II

In the Italian Air Force some M.C.205s were used until 1947 as fighter bombers and then as trainers until 1951.

Egypt was supplied 42 refurbished C.205s in 1948 - 1949. These were used against the Israelis.


  Macchi C.205 Veltro, Macchi M.C. 205
Type Fighter, Fighter bomber
Crew 1
Engine (Type) Fiat RA.1050 RC58 Tifone
Daimler Benz DB 605A
Cylinders Inverted V 12, V 12
Cooling Liquid
HP 1,475
Propeller blades 3
Span 34' 5", 34' 8.5"
10.58 m
Length 29' 0.5", 29' 1"
8.85 m
Height 9' 10.5", 10'
3 m
Wing area  
Empty 5,690 lb
2,581 kg
Loaded 7,120 lb, 7,513 lb
3,408 kg
Speed @ 23,620' /
7,200 m
399 mph
642 kph
Speed @ 24,300' 404 mph
Cruising speed 310 mph
500 kph
Climb to 9,840' /
3,000 m
2.7 minutes
Climb to 20,000' 4' 52"
Service ceiling 36,090', 37,200'
11,000 m
Range 590 miles, 646 miles
950 km
Armament 2: MG
Nose 2: 12.7 mm MG
Wings 2: 7.7 mm MG
Wings - under 2: 20 mm
Bombs - under wing 705 lb
320 kg


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