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German Balkenkreuz

Number Designations of Foreign Vehicles Used by Germany

Designation Country Notes
10.5cm (f) PzKpfw Mk VI(e) England Mk VI with 105 mm
3.7cm Pak (Sf) auf Infanterie Schlepper UE(f) France Chenillette carrier with 37 mm
3.7cm Pak auf Fahrgestell Bren(e) England Bren carrier with 37 mm
3.7cm Pak auf gep Artillerieschlepper(r) Soviet Union 37 mm on STZ Komsomolets tractor
47cm Pak(f) auf Infanterie Panzerkampfwagen Mk II(e) England French 47 mm on Matilda
7.5cm Pak 40 auf GW FCM(f) France 75 mm Pak 40 on FCM
Aufklaerer 38(t) Czechoslovakia TNH P-S with PSW 234/1 turret
FlaKPz 38(t) Chechoslavakia TNH P-S chassis
FlaKPz 747g(r) Soviet Union T-34 chassis with 20 mm anti-aircraft gun
gepanzerter MG Träger Br 731(e) England Bren Gun Carrier
gepanzerter MG Träger Br 732(e) England Scout Carrier
GSW 39H(f); France H39 chassis with 10.5 cm leFH16
GSW 39H(f) PaK; 7.5cm Pak 40 auf GW 39H(f) France H39 chassis with PaK 40 L/46
JgPz 100(r) Soviet Union SU-100
JgPz 38(t)(Fl) Chechoslovakia TNH P-S chassis, with flame thrower
JgPz 38(t), Hetzer Chechoslovakia TNH P-S chassis
JgPz 747-88(r) Soviet Union T-34 chassis with German 88 mm gun
JgPz 76(r) Soviet Union SU-76
JgPz 85(r) Soviet Union SU-85
Marder III(t)H Chechoslovakia TNH P-S chassis
Marder III(t)M Chechoslovakia TNH P-S chassis
PSW 201(f), PSW Wh 201(f) France AMD White-Laffly
PSW 201(i)
PSW AB40 201(i)
PSW AB41 201(i)
Italy Autoblinda 40
Autoblinda 41
PSW 202(e), PSW Mk 202(e) England Dingo
PSW 202(f), PSW Laf 202(f) France AMD Laffly
PSW 202(h), PSW L 202(h) Holland Landsverk
PSW 202(i), PSW Lince 202(i) Italy Lince
PSW 202(r), PSW BA 202(r) Soviet Union BA-20, BA-64B
PSW 203(f), PSW TOE 203(f) France AMD Panhard TOE
PSW 203(i), PSW AB43 203(i) Italy Autoblinda 43
PSW 203(r), PSW BAF 203(r) Soviet Union BA-10
PSW 204(e), PSW Ir 204(e) England Ironside
PSW 204(f); PSW P 204(f); 4.7cm Pak(f) auf Panzerspähwagen P204(f) France AMD Panhard, AMD Panhard Type 178, French 47 mm
PSW 205(e), PSW Mo 205(e) England Morris
PSW 208(e), PSW F 208(e) England Ford
PSW 209(e), PSW G 209(e) England Guy
PSW 701(b), PSW VCL 701(b) England Vickers Carden-Loyd
PSW 701(f), PSW VM 701(f) France AMR33
PSW 702(f), PSW ZT I 702(f) France AMR35
PSW 730(f), PSW 17R 730(f) France FT-17
PzA LrS(f); 4.7cm Pak 181 oder 183(f) auf PzJaeg Lorraine Schlepper(f) France Lorraine Schlepper chassis with French 47 mm
PzBef Wg 770(i), PzBefWg 47/32 770(i) Italy Carro Commando DA 47/32
PzBefWg 770(f) France Voiture de Commandement YS
PzBefWg 771(i), PzBefWg M41 771(i) Italy Carro Commando Semovente M41
PzBefWg 772(i), PzBefWg M42 772(i) Italy Carro Commando Semovente M42
PzJg 35R(f); 4.7cm Pak(t) auf PzKpfw 35R(f); 4.7cm Pak(t) auf Panzerjaeger Renault R35(f) France R35 chassis, Czechoslovakian 47 mm gun
PzKpfw 35(t) Czechoslovakia LT vz 35
PzKpfw 38(t) Czechoslovakia TNH P-S
PzKpfw 731(f), PzKpfw 35R 731(f) France R35
PzKpfw 731(h), PzKpfw FT 731(h) Holland FT
PzKpfw 731(i), PzKpfw L3/35 731(i) Italy L3/35
PzKpfw 731(r), Schwimm PzKpfw T-37 731(r) Soviet Union T-37
PzKpfw 732(f), PzKpfw D-1 732(f) France Char D-1
PzKpfw 732(i), PzKpfw L3/33 Flamm(i) Italy L3/33f
PzKpfw 732(r), Schwimm PzKpfw T-38 732(r) Soviet Union T-38
PzKpfw 733(e), PzKpfw Mk II 733(e) England Light Tank Mk II
PzKpfw 733(f), PzKpfw D-2 733(f) France Char D-2
PzKpfw 733(i), PzKpfw L6 733(i) Italy L6
PzKpfw 733(r), Schwimm PzKpfw T-40 733(r) Soviet Union T-40
PzKpfw 734(e), PzKpfw Mk IV 734(e) England Light Tank Mk IV
PzKpfw 734(f), PzKpfw 35H 734(f) France H-35
PzKpfw 734(i), PzKpfw M11/39 734(i) Italy M11/39
PzKpfw 734(r), PzKpfw T-27A 734(r) Soviet Union T-27A
PzKpfw 735(e), PzKpfw Mk VIB 735(e) England Light Tank Mk VIB
PzKpfw 735(f), PzKpfw 38H 735(f) France H-38
PzKpfw 735(i), PzKpfw M13/40 735(i) Italy M13/40
PzKpfw 736(e), PzKpfw Mk VIC 736(e) England Light Tank Mk VIC
PzKpfw 736(f), PzKpfw ZM 736(f) France Char ZM
PzKpfw 736(i), PzKpfw M14/41(i) Italy M14/41
PzKpfw 737(e), PzKpfw Mk VII 737(e) England Tetrarch
PzKpfw 737(f), PzKpfw FCM 737(f) France Char de combat FCM
PzKpfw 737(i), PzKpfw P40 737(i) Italy P40
PzKpfw 737(r), PzKpfw T-26A 737(r) Soviet Union T-26A
PzKpfw 738(f), PzKpfw AMC 738(f) France AMC 1935 R
PzKpfw 738(i), PzKpfw M15/42 738(i) Italy M15/42
PzKpfw 738(r), PzKpfw T-26B 738(r) Soviet Union T-26B
PzKpfw 739(f), PzKpfw 35-S 739(f) France S-35
PzKpfw 739(r), PzKpfw T-26B Flamm 739(r) Soviet Union OT-133
PzKpfw 740(a) United States M2A4
PzKpfw 740(f), PzKpfw B-1 740(f) France Char B-1 bis
PzKpfw 740(r); PzKpfw T-26C 740(r); 7.5cm Pak 97/38 auf m Beute Panzer T 26 Soviet Union T-26B, T-26 with French 75 mm gun, T-26C
PzKpfw 741(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk I 741(e) England Cruiser Mk I
PzKpfw 741(f), PzKpfw 3-C 741(f) France Char 3-C
PzKpfw 742(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk II 742(e) England Cruiser Mk II
PzKpfw 742(r), PzKpfw BT 742(r) Soviet Union BT-5, BT-7
PzKpfw 743(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk III 743(e) England Cruiser Mk III
PzKpfw 743(r), PzKpfw T-60 743(r) Soviet Union T-60, T-70
PzKpfw 744(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk IV 744(e) England Cruiser Mk IV
PzKpfw 745(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk V 745(e) England Cruiser Mk V
PzKpfw 746(e), PzKpfw Kreuzer Mk VI 746(e) England Cruiser Mk VI
PzKpfw 746(r), PzKpfw T-28 746(r) Soviet Union T-28
PzKpfw 747(a) United States M3
PzKpfw 747(e), PzKpfw Infanterie Mk I 747(e) England Infantry Mk I
PzKpfw 747(r), PzKpfw T-34 747(r) Soviet Union T-34, T-43
PzKpfw 748(a) United States M4
PzKpfw 748(e), PzKpfw Infanterie Mk II 748(e) England Infantry Mk II
PzKpfw 748(r), PzKpfw T-28V 748(r) Soviet Union T-28V
PzKpfw 749(e), PzKpfw Infanterie Mk III 749(e) England Infantry Mk III
PzKpfw 751(r), PzKpfw T-35A 751(r) Soviet Union T-35A
PzKpfw 752(r), PzKpfw T-35B 752(r) Soviet Union T-35B
PzKpfw 753(r), PzKpfw KVIa 753(r) Soviet Union KV-1 M40
PzKpfw 754(r), PzKpfw KVII 754(r) Soviet Union KV-2
PzKpfw 755(r), PzKpfw KVIb 755(r) Soviet Union KV-1B, KV-1 with German 75 mm gun, KV-1S
PzKpfw M15/42(i) Italy M15/42
PzKpfw P26/40 Italy P26/40
sIG 38(t)M, Bison Chechoslovakia TNH P-S chassis
SPW 302(b), SPW P302(b) England Panhard Kegresse Hinstin
SPW 302(f), SPW P302(f) France Panhard Kegresse Hinstin
SPW 303(f), SPW S303(f) France Tracteur Somua
SPW 304(f), SPW P107(f), SPW U304(f) France Unic Kegresse P107
SPW 305(f), SPW U305(f) France Unic TU1
SPW 306(f), SPW Ci 306(f) France Citroen P14P
SPW 307(f), mSPW S307(f) France Half track with 16 French 81 mortar
SPW 307(f), SPW S307(f) France Half track with PaK 40 L/46.
SPW 307(f) France Somua MCG
StuG 105/25(i) Italy Semovente M43 105/25
StuG 122(r) Soviet Union SU-122
StuG 152(r) Soviet Union SU-152
StuG 75/18(i) Italy Semovente M42 75/18
StuG 75/34(i) Italy Semovente M42 with P26/40 gun
StuG 75/46(i) Italy Semovente M43 with Italian 75 mm anti-aircraft gun


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