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German Balkenkreuz

Germany's Named Divisions


  • Some divisions changed type during the war, so they may be listed for each designation.
  • Divisions designated Motorized were changed to the designation Panzer-Grenadier in March 1943.
Division Name Formed Locations
Berlin Division    
Bohemia Division    
Brandenburg Panzer-Grenadier Division
Panzergrenadier Division "Brandenburg"
1943 December 1944 - May 1945: Eastern Front
Breslau Division    
Danube Division    
Demba Division    
Döberitz Division    
Döllersheim Division    
Dresden Division    
East Prussia Division    
Ernst Moritz Arndt RAD Division    
Ferdinand von Schill Division    
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn RAD Division    
General Government Division    
Grafenwöhr Division    
Groß Bern Division    
Gross Deutschland
Panzergrenadier Division "Großdeutschland"
May 1942
June 1942 - May 1945: Eastern Front
December 1944: Easter Prussia
Guestrov Division    
Hamburg Division    
Hannover Division    
Herman Goring
Panzer Division "Herman Goering"
(reformed June 1943)
January 1943
January - May 1943: North Africa
Tunisia, destroyed
July - August 1943: Sicily
September 1943 - July 1944: Italy
July 1944 - May 1945: Eastern Front
Jütland Division    
Kurland Division    
Mielau Division    
Milovitz Division    
Moravia Division    
Münsingen Division    
Neuhammer Division    
Panzer Division "Feldherrenhalle" November 1944  
Panzer-Grenadier Feldherrenhalle
Panzergrenadier Division "Feldherrenhalle"
(reformed August 1944)
(converted to Panzer Division "Feldherrenhalle", November 1944)
March 1943
June 1943
January - July 1944: Eastern Front, destroyed
October 1944 - May 1945: Eastern Front
Panzergrenadier Division "Kurmark" February 1943 Eastern Front
Panzer Lehr Division 1943
November 1943
June 1944 - April 1945: North West Europe
Western Front, Ruhr pocket
Scharnhorst Division    
Schlageter RAD Division    
Silesia Division    
Theodor Koerner RAD Division    
Ulrich von Hutten Division    
Wahn Division    
Wildflecken Division    


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