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German Balkenkreuz

Germany's Gotha Go 242 transport glider


  • Gotha Go 242 glider



In 1940 the Luftwaffe published a specification for a glider.1 Designer Albert Kalkert created the Gotha Go 242.1,2

The Go 242 had a double tail.1 The rear of the glider could be opened for easy loading and unloading.1,4

Rockets were sometimes used to assist in takeoffs.1

The Go 242 was primarily made of wood with plywood and fabric covering.4


Two Gotha Go 242 prototypes flew in early 1941.1,2,3


  • Prototypes: 21
  • Gotha Go 242: 1,5281,3
    • Manufacturer: Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G.1,4


  • Go 242A: Production aircraft.2
  • Go 242A-1: Had altered tail surfaces and booms.3
  • Go 242A-2: Assault glider.3 Had hinged tail section.3
  • Go 242B: Had a nose wheel.2
  • Go 242B-1: Had fixed nosewheel.3
  • Go 242B-2: Oleo landing gear.3
  • Go 242B-3: Paratroop model.3
  • Go 242B-4: Paratroop model.3
  • Go 242B-5: Dual control trainer.3
  • Go 242C-1: The hull was designed to be able to land on water.3 Was to be used in attack on British Home Fleet at Scapa Flow.3
  • Go 244: Version with engines.


Germany and Romania used the Gotha Go 242.3

The Go 242 was widely used by the Luftwaffe from 1942 to 1945.2 It was primarily used in the Balkans, Eastern Front, Sicily, and North Africa.2,3


  Gotha Go 242
Type Transport glider1,3,4
Crew 23,4, 2 - 51
Passengers 211, 233,4
Engines None3
Span 79'4, 80' 4"1, 80' 4.5"3
24 m4, 24.5 m3
Length 51' 10"1,3, 52' 6"4
15.8 m3, 16 m4
Height 13' 11"1, 14' 4"3
4.37 m3
Loaded 14,991 lb1
Speed 180 mph1
Normal towing speed 130 mph3
209 kph3
Maximum towing speed 149 mph3
240 kph3
Armament 4: MG1
4 or 6: 7.9 mm MG3
  Gotha Go 242A-2
Empty 7,055 lb3
3,200 kg3
Loaded 15,653 lb3
7,100 kg3


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