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Hobby Master Diecast 1/72 Armor

# Model Unit Location Date Wt Notes  
H3001 KV-1 Ehkranami       106 g   Russia's Hobby Master 3001 KV-1
H3002 KV-2            
H3003 KV-1 (Model 1940) 124th Guard Tank Brigade Leningrad 1942 105 g   Hobby Master HG3003 1/72 Diecast Armor, Soviet KV-1
H3004 KV-2   Kalinin Front Jan 1942 103 g   Hobby Master 3004 1/72 Armor, Soviet KV-2 Heavy Tank
H3005 KV-1 Unknown Unit Demiansk March 1942 104 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor, USSR KV-1 Heavy Tank
H3006 KV-2 4th Mechanical Group Lvov, Western Ukraine June 1940 104 g   Hobby Master 3006 1/72 Armor, Soviet KV-2 Heavy Tank
H3007 KV-2 Unknown unit          
H3008 KV-2 Panzerkompanie 66 Malta 1941      
H3009 KV-1, captured            
H3010 KV-1 Model 1941, "Besposhadniy" 12th Tank Regiment Western Front 1942     Hobby Master #3010, Russia's KV-1 Model 1941 Heavy Tank, 12th Tank Regiment, Western Front, 1942
H3101 Cromwell Mk IV C Squadron, 5th Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Armored Brigade, 7th Division     87 g   United Kingdom's Cromwell Hobby Master 1/72 Diecast Armor 3101
H3102 Centaur CS Mk IV RMASG 1st Armored Support Regiment, 2nd Battery, H Troop Normandy, France 1944 87 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Diecast Armor HG3102, United Kingdom Centaur Mk IV
H3103 Cromwell Mk IV King's Own Hussars, 7th Armoured Div. Operation Blackcock Jan. 1945 88 g   Hobby Master HG3103 United Kingdom Cromwell Mk IV 1/72 Diecast Armor
H3104 Cromwell Mk VI A27M   Western Europe 1945 87 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Diecast Armor, 3104, United Kingdom Cromwell Mk VI, A27M
H3105 Cromwell Mk IV, Artillery Abservation Tank 5th Royal Horse Artillery Villers-Bocage June 1944 87 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Diecast Armor, 3105, United Kingdom Cromwell Mk IV
H3106 Cromwell Mk IV 11th Armored Division Flers 1944      
H3107 Cromwell Mk IV, Command Tank, Brigadier Stanislaw Maczek 1st Polish Armored Division   1944      
H3108 Cromwell Mk VI 95 mm Howitzer 22nd Armored Brigade, 7th Armored Division Holland Jan 1945      
H3109 Centaur I, Cruiser Mk VIII Hellenic Army Macedonia 1957      
H3201 M26 Pershing, "B41" B Co., 1st Tank Bttn, US marines Inchon Sep. 1950 63 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor 3201, United States' M-26 Pershing Heavy Tank
H3202 M26 Pershing, "10" Tank Company E, 67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division Germany April 1945 64 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor 3202, United States' M-26 Pershing Heavy Tank
H3203 M26A1, Battle of Chosin Reservoir US Marine Corps Korea December 1950      
H3204 M45 Pershing US Army 6th Tank Battalion Pusan Perimeter, Korea 1950 62 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Model, United States' M-45 Pershing
H3205 M26A1 Pershing Beligum Army          
H3301 T-55A, Russian Medium Tank "826"            
H3302 T-55A, w/A.A. machine gun "3369" Polish Army          
H3303 T-55A 5th Mechanized Division, 26th Armored Brigade Gulf War        
H3304 T-55A North Vietnamese Army     65 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor 3304, North Vietnam's T-55A
H3306 T-55 Russian Army Praga 1968      
H3307 T-55 Egyptian Army          
H3308 Type 59 MBT Chinese People's Liberation Army          
H3309 T-55 East German Army          
H3310 T-55 Czech Army          
H3311 T-55 MBT Syrian Army          
H3312 T-54B MBT PAVN 202nd Armored Brigade Saigon April 1975      
H3401 M-10 Tank Destroyer 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 1st Infantry Division Aachen, Germany October 1944      
H3402 Archilles IIC            
H3404 M-10 Wolverine, "Le-Malin" French Army, 3 Escadron de combat, 1 Peleton France 1944 - 1945 57 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor, 3404, United States' M10
H3405 Archilles Mk IIC British 1st Army Corps Normandy 1944      
H3406 M-10 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion Belgium January 1945      
H3407 M-10 ROC Army Jimen Island 1958      
H3408 M-10 "Duck bill"   France February 1945      
H3409 Archilles II Royal Canadian Artillery, 4th Anti-Tank Regiment Netherlands 1945      
H3410 M-10, "Wolverines" British 3rd Infantry Division Normandy, France 1944      
H3411 M-10            
H3501 Centurion Mk 6 British Army          
H3502 Centurion Mk 5 10 Troop, C Squadron, 4th Royal Tank Regiment West Berlin August 22, 1961 94 g   Hobby Master 1/72 3502, United Kingdom's Centurion
H3503 Centurion Mk 5, Operation Musketeer 4 Troop, A Squadron, 6th Royal Tank Regiment Suez Canal November 1956      
H3504 Centurion Mk 5/2 Royal Netherlands Army          
H3505 Centurion Mk 5 Royal Canadian Dragoons of C Company, 2nd Platoon Germany        
H3506 Centurion Mk 5/1, "The Very Diabolical" C Squadron, 1 Armored Regiment Vietnam 1971      
H3507 Centurion IDF Shot Mk 5/1 10th Armor Brigade West Bank, Israel 1967      
H3601 M-24 Chaffee US Army Germany January 1945 68 g   Hobby Master 1/72, United States' M24 Chaffee
H3602 M-24 Chaffee 79th Tank Battalion Han River, Korea 1951 69 g  
H3603 M-24 Chaffee 6th Division, Japan Self Defense Force          
H3604 M-24 Chaffee British Army   1946      
H3605 M-24 Bison, "Douaumont" Escadron de Marche du 1er RCC, Peleton Carette Dien Bien Phu 1954      
H3606 M-24 Chaffee 18th Squadron, 14th Cavalry Group Petit Tiers, Belgium 1945      
H3607 M-24 Chaffee ROC Army (Taiwan)          
H3608 M-24 Chaffee ROK Army Traking Center Kwang-Ju 1953      
H3609 M-24 Chaffee 719 Armored Regiment Belgiam Army        
H3610 M-24 Chaffee Grupos Blindados de Caballeria Spanish Sahara Crisis 1957      
H3701 M-46 Patton 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division Han River, Korea 1951 65 g   Hobby Master 1/72 Armor, United States' M-46 Patton
H3702 M-46 Patton 1st Marine Division near Cahng-Dan, Korea 1952      
H3703 M-46 Patton Unknown City of Chorwon 1953      
H3704 M-46 Patton , "Tiger Face" 73rd Tank Battalion Korea 1951      
H3801 M-8 Light Armored Car A Troop, 2th Mechanized Cavalry Recon Squadron, 4th Armored Division          
H3802 M20 Utility Car 2nd Armored Division, 82nd Armored Recon Battalion, C Company, 1st Platoon France August 1944      
H3803 M20 Utility Car, Commander's Vehicle 2nd Dragon Regiment, 5th Armored Division, Free French Army France August 1944      
H3804 M8 Light Armored Car Company C, 2nd Cavalry, 3rd Army Belgium January 1945      
H3805 M20 Utility Car Recon Squadron of Colonial Tank Destroyer Regiment (RCCC), 9th Infantry Division Toulon 1944      
H3806 M8 Light Armored Car French Army Germany 1944      
H3807 M8 Light Armored Car ROK III Corps Yongwoi 1951      
H3808 M8 Light Armored Car First Brasilian Expeditionary Force Italy 1944      
H3901 German 3 ton Cargo Truck early Luftwaffe          
H3902 German 3 ton V-2 Rocket T-Stoff Tanker            
H3903 German Cargo Truck 21st Panzer Division North Africa 1942      
H3904 German Ambulance Truck San Abt 30, 30 Infanterie Division Russia Fall 1941      
H3905 German Cargo Truck 18th Engineer Battalion, 18th Infantry Division Lithuania June 1941      
H3906 German Cargo Truck SS-Panzer Grenadiere Division "LAH" Kharkov March 1943      
H3907 German Cargo Truck 19th Panzer Division Kursk 1943      
H4001 Quad Gun Tractor with 25 pdr 7th Armored Division Normandy, France June 1944      
H4002 Quad Gun Tractor with 25 pdr 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division El Alamein Oct/Nov 1942      
H4003 Quad Gun Tractor with 25 pdr 5th Infantry Division Italy Late 1943      
H4101 Marder III 42nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, 7th Panzer Division Russia 1942      
H4102 Marder III 33rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, 15th Panzer Division North Africa 1942      
H4201 Willy MB Jeep with Trailer HQ, 2nd Battalion, 14th Marine Artillery, 4th Marine Division Iwo Jima February 1945      
H4202 Willy M.B. with armor shields     1944      
H4203 Willy MB Jeep            
H4301 SdKfz 234/2 Puma 2nd Pz Division Normandy, France 1944      
H4401 LVT (A)-1            
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