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Czechoslovakia's Flag

Czechoslovakia's Avia B 135 fighter


The Avia B 135 was designed to meet the Czechoslovakian government's requirement for a monoplane fighter that was put out in 1935.1 It was to replace the Avia B 534.1


The B 35 prototype had eliptical wings made out of wood and the fuselage was made from a steel tube structure that was covered by alloy and fabric.1


The first two prototypes had fixed undercarriages, even though it was intended to have retracting gear.1


The first B 35 prototype first flew on September 28, 1938.1 The second prototype flew in December 1938.1 The third prototype, with retractable undercarriages, first flew in June 1939.1


  • B 35 prototype: 31
  • B 135 prototype: 11
  • B 135: 121
  • Total: 161


  • B 35 prototype: Had HS12 Ycrs engine.1
  • B 135: First flew in 1940.1



A Bulgarian military mission evalutaed the B 135 and an order was placed for twelve B 135s.1 The Bulgarians were to licence build 50 more, and they were to be called the DAR-11 Ljastuvka (Swallow).1 The B 135s were delivered in mid 1941 along with the drawings, but no production was undertaken.1

The B 135s were primarily used by the Fighter Pilot School.1 They were used in defending against USAAF bombers.1


  Avia B 1351
Type Fighter1
Crew 11
Engine (Type) Avia built Hispano-Suiza 12 Ycrs1
Cylinders V 121
HP 8901
Propeller blades 31
Span 35' 7"1
10.85 m1
Length 27' 11"1
8.51 m1
Height 8' 6"1
2.59 m1
Wing area  
Empty 4,548 lb1
2,063 kg1
Loaded 5,615 lb1
2,547 kg1
Speed @ 13,125' /
4,000 m
332 mph1
534 kph1
Cruising speed 286 mph1
460 kph1
Climb 2,657'/minute1
810 m/minute1
Service ceiling 27,890'1
8,500 m1
Range 342 miles1
550 km1
Range maximum 584 miles1
940 km1
Propellar spinner 1: 20 mm1
Upper cowling 2: 7.9 mm MG1


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