World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of P-51 Mustang
World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of T-34/85
World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of Fw-190
World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of Churchill ©2019

December 2007 Changes, Additions

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Forces of Valor: 95005 United States M1A2 Abrams, 95019 United Kingdom Challenger, 85015 Iraq T-72, 95004 German Tiger I
Easy Models: 35015 Italy Ariete, 36228 German Ferdinand
Forces of Valor: 95024 United States M4A1 Sherman Mine Roller, 85048 United States M3A1 Half Track and Howitzer Set, 95002 United States M2A2 Bradley, 95013 United States M113
3 4
Forces of Valor: 95042 United States LCM3
5 6 7
Forces of Valor: 83098 United Kingdom 6th Airborne Division, 93096 German Panzergrenadier Regiment, 83091 German SS Cavalry Division
United States photo: Mine Exploder T1E3
Forces of Valor: 85234 United States M4A1 Sherman and Soldiers and German Soldiers, 83090 United States 29th Infantry Division, 95044 United States M26 Dragon Wagon, 83089 USSR Cossack Cavalry
United Kingdom photos: Cruiser Mk II, Cruiser Mk I, Vickers 6-Ton Type A, Light Tank Mk V, Light Tank Mk IV, Light Tank Mk III, Light Tank Mk IA, Light Tank Mk II
Forces of Valor 83097 United States 7th Infantry Division
10 11
Dragon Armor: 60092 USSR SU-85M, 60091 USSR SU-85M, 60312 German StuG III Ausf G, 60304 German StuG III Ausf G
Hobby Master: HG3102 United Kingdom Centaur
Dragon Armor: 60038 Germany Jagdpanther
Dragon Armor: 60264 German Jagdtiger
14 15
Admiral Toys: 72001 German PzKpfw III Ausf L, 72002 German PzKpfw III Ausf H
Updated population data for France, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, and USSR
17 18 19
Dragon Armor: 60227 Tiger I vs. T-34/76, 60222 Tiger I vs. T-34/76
20 21 22
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Comparison photos:
German Tiger I- Dragon Armor's 60022, Easy Models' 36209, Forces of Valor's 85404
Soviet T-34/76- Dragon Armor's 60166 and Easy Models' 36269
27 28
Dragon Armor: Germany's 60346 Sturmtiger
Easy Models: United States' 36262 M4A3(76)W
30 31          
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