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Desert Terrain

        MF Entrance Cost MP Entrance Cost      
Terrain Example LOS Obstacle/ Hindrance TEM / Indirect† Infantry Cavalry Horse Drawn Mortorcycle Armored Car Fully Tracked Halftrack Truck Kindle #/ Spread # Fortifiable Notes
Open Ground26B1-0 FS111 bb1 Gir1 bbGir1 bbr1 bbir1 bbGir-Yes f-
SCRUB E26E10-0 FS12 r2 r4 r4 bbr2 bbr3 bbr6 bbr-Yes f-
Hammada26D4--1 F13 r3 r4 Ir4 Ir2 r3 Ir6 Ir-Yes fCumulative, DC, or ordnance/OBA HE, vs. unarmored; otherwise O
Deir"D"-*+1**/0 SCOTCOTCOTDOT hiDOT bbhiDOT bbhDOT bbhiDOT bbhi-Yes f*Limited LOS if entrenched/Emplaced in non-Lip hex **(or HD), vs same-level fire across non-adj. Lip
Wadi25p9; "W"DepressionDOT*2** r2** rALL r4+COT ir4+COT bbir2+COT bbr3+COT bbir6+COT bbir-Yes f*Crest status possible for allunits **+COT if not OG
Hillock"H"#Half-Level0* FSCOTCOTCOTDOT iLDOT bbiLDOT bbLDOT bbiLDOT bbiL-Yes f+1 TEM or HD possible if behind and adjacent (F6.4) to hillock
Sand"S" & "SD"-**0 FS1*+COT r2*+COT r2*+COT br4*+COT r4*+COT br2*+COT br3*+COT br6*+COT br-Yes****Reduce by 1 for Wet/Mud EC **#Half-Level if High Dune ***pillbox/trench/sangar NA; foxhole TEM halved if no Wet/Mud EC
Dune Crest"SD"Half-Level+1*/01+COT1+COT1+COT1+COT1+COT1+COT1+COT1+COT--Vs fire along/across Crest from elevation <= target's; otherwise 0
SangarCounter-+1/+3COT*COT**COT**COT**COT**COT**COT**COT**--*+1 MF to enter/exit beneath [EXC: via accessible trench; F8.6] **COTX2 if Accessible trench present; F8.5
Track*SSR-DOT FSTTTTTTTT-Yes fCan negate Bog/Hammada Immobilization DR
Hillside Wall / Hedge25X4-X5; 25U3-U4Half-Level+2 or +1* / +1 or 0*WWNAWWWWNA--Wall/hedge respectively. Wall Adva and TEM NA to lower unit
BROKEN GROUNDSSR-+12 r2 r2 br6 Ir6 br2 br2 br2 br-Yes fNon-Depression OG hexes Accessible to hammada
Cactus HedgeSSRHalf-Level+1/0 YNANAWWWWNA--Wall/hedge hexsides
CACTUS PATCH*SSR#Half-Level+13 r3 r3 r9 r9 r3 r3 r12 r12/10Yes f"Ex-orchard" hexes. Always in season
OLIVE GROVE*SSR#One-Level+12 r2 r2 r6 r6 r2 r2 r8 r11/9Yes f"Ex-orchard" hexes. Always in season
VINEYARDSSR#Hindrance02 r2 r2 r4 r4 Br2 Br2 Br6 Br9/6Yes f-
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