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World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of T-34/85
World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of Fw-190
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World War II Vehicles, Tanks, Airplanes, and Ships

World War II, a time in history of great upheaval the world over. Found here in are some of the machines used in that time by the men and women who fought the battles, delivered the supplies, and transported the wounded. Look around and enjoy the historical information, the specifications, pictures and videos of the machines of war that were used in World War II.

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18 February 2019, Great Britain's "A" and "A" Leader class destroyers

The "A" class destroyers were supposed to allow for better crew accommodations for longer patrols but cost cutting prevented many of them from being included in the ships.

  • HMS Codrington destroyer

17 February 2019, Great Britain's Prototype destroyers

The first destroyers built after World War I were call the Prototype destroyers as they were supposed to be the designs of the future.

  • HMS Amazon destroyer

16 February 2019, Multi Man Publishing Red Factories

Here's the counters that come in Red Factories.

16 February 2019, Great Britain's Scott class , Admiralty Leader class, Campbell class destroyers

The Scott class destroyers were from the late World War I era and were used for escort duties.

  • HMS Scott destroyer

15 February 2019, Le Franc Tireur #14

Here's the counters that come in Le Franc Tireur #14 and Le Franc Tireur - Kampfgruppe Scherer.

15 February 2019, Great Britain's Shakespeare class destroyers

Going to step away from aircraft and go back to ships.

The Shakespeare class destroyers were World War I era craft that were mostly used around the United Kingdom on escort duties.

  • HMS Keppel destroyer

10 February 2019, Italy's Umbra MB.902 Heavy fighter

A unique design, with two engines located in the fuselage and the propellers in the wings, the Umbra MB.902 had only a prototype built before the surrender of Italy in September 1943.

10 February 2019, Italy's Aeronautica Umbra AUT 18 Trojani fighter, Umbra T.18 Trojani fighter

The Umbra T.18 fighter was only built as a prototype as it proved to be a very poor design during its flight trials.

  • Aeronautica Umbra AUT 18 Trojani fighter

9 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.95 transport

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.95 started out to be a transatlantic passenger aircraft but the few that were built during the war were converted to military transports.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.95 transport


9 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.93 ground attack

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.93 was to be a ground attack aircraft but was developed too late in the war.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.93 ground attack

9 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.92 escort fighter

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.92 was a two boom design following the SM.91. There was only one prototype built and it was tested by the Luftwaffe who decided not to enter it into production.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.92 escort fighter

8 February 2019, Critical Hit Annual Issue 4

Here's the counter listings for Critical Hit Annual Issue 4.

3 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.91 escort fighter

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.91 had some similarities to the Lockheed P-38 Lightning but never got past the prototype stage.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.91 escort fighter

3 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.89 ground attack

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.89 was still being evaluated when Italy surrendered.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.89 ground attack

2 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.87 float plane transport

A few of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.87 float plane transports were built before World War II. They were based on the SM.75 transport.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.87 floatplane transport


2 February 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.86 ground attack

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.86 was aerodynamically better than the SM.85 but only one prototype was built.

26 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.85 ground attack

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.85 was to be a ground attack aircraft but it performed so poorly it was withdrawn from service.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.85 ground attack

25 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.84 transport, Savoia-Marchetti SM.84 bomber

There were two Savoia-Marchetti SM.84s, one a transport that never went into production, and the bomber which wasn't well liked by its crews.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.84 bomber

21 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.83 transport

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.83 was originally built for civilian use but was used as a military transport starting in 1940.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.83 transport

19 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.78 reconnaissance flying boat

Few of the Savoia-Marchetti SM.78 reconnaissance flying boats were built but they were used in the 1930s by the Regia Marina.

18 January 2019, YouTube Videos no more

Google has taken away my ability (not theirs of course) to make a few dollars from ads placed over my videos so I've decided to close my YouTube channel permanently and have removed links to those videos.

18 January 2019, Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 Marsupiale (marsupial) transport

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 was the first Marchetti design to have retractable landing gear.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 Marsupiale (marsupial) transport


13 January 2019, Broken Ground Design - Optional and Heretical, Offboard Artillery Counters

Here's the listing of counters that come with Optional and Heretical and Off Board Artillery.

12 January 2019, Broken Ground Design - Partisan Advanced Squad Leader Counters

Here's the listing of counters that come with Partisan by Broken Ground Design.

11 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.74 transport

Three of the large four engine Savoia-Marchetti SM.74 transports were used by the Italian Regia Aeronautica.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.74 transport

6 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.73 transport

Originally used as civilian transports the Savoia-Marchetti SM.73s were taken over by the Italian military and used as transports.

  • Savoia Marchetti SM.73 transport

5 January 2019, Italy's Savoia-Marchetti SM.55X flying boat

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.55 series of flying boats showed that Italy could design excellent aircraft in the 1930s. None were used in combat in World War II.

  • Savoia-Marchetti SM.55X flying boat

5 January 2019, Corregidor: the Rock

Here are the counters that come with Corregidor: the Rock.

4 January 2019, Italy's S.A.I.M.A.N. 202 liaison

Originally designed to be a civilian touring aircraft the S.A.I.M.A.N. 202 was used by the Italian military as a liaison aircraft.

1 January 2019, Italy's Reggiane Re.2005 fighter Sagittario (archer)

The Reggiane Re.2005 was a high performance fighter that did very well against Allied aircraft, but it was only produced in small numbers before the surrender of Italy.

  • Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario fighter

1 January 2019, Italy's Reggiane Re.2003 reconnaissance bomber

The Reggiane Re.2003 was to be a two seat reconnaissance bomber but only two prototypes were constructed.

  • Reggiane Re.2003 reconnaissance bomber


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